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VenueGuestsTimesBudget £
Combermere Abbey15018:30 - 23:45800
Rowton Castle Hotel14019:30 - 00:30800
Powis Castle - Events6017:00 - 00:0080
Delbury Hall8018:00 - 00:00700
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall13019:30 - 00:45610
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall10018:00 - 01:00600
Penrhyncoch Football Club14019:30 - 00:30600
Lion Quays5019:30 - 00:00600
Sweeney Hall Hotel8019:30 - 00:00600
Pengwern Boat Club10020:00 - 01:00600
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)9019:30 - 00:00595
The St Nicholas (St Nics)7520:30 - 23:30560
Adcote Hall13019:30 - 22:30510
Garthmyl Hall14019:00 - 00:30510
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)10519:30 - 01:00500
Lion Quays10019:30 - 00:00500
Not specified15019:30 - 01:00500
Dinham Hall Hotel6019:30 - 00:00500
The Cock O Barton14019:30 - 00:00500
Bicton Village Hall12013:00 - 22:00500
Bromwich Park12019:00 - 00:30500
The Cock O Barton5019:30 - 00:00500
Llanyblodwel Village Hall8019:30 - 00:00500
Llangynog Memorial Hall20019:00 - 00:00500
Combermere Abbey5019:30 - 00:00500
Bicton Village Hall9016:30 - 00:00500
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel5019:30 - 00:00500
Highgate Barns15016:00 - 00:00500
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)13019:30 - 00:00500
Ludlow Castle10019:00 - 23:00500
Delbury Hall14019:30 - 00:00500
Lake Vyrnwy Hotel10019:30 - 01:00500
Lake Vyrnwy Hotel9019:00 - 00:00500
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)11019:00 - 00:00500
Delbury Hall6519:00 - 23:30500
Rushbury Village Hall11019:00 - 01:00500
University of Wales Gregynog Hall Conference Centre10022:00 - 01:00500
Walcot Hall10019:30 - 00:30500
Sweeney Hall Hotel6018:00 - 00:00500
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)10019:00 - 00:00500
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall10019:30 - 00:00500
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall15020:30 - 00:30500
Maesmawr Hall Hotel15019:30 - 00:00450
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)8519:30 - 00:00410
Combermere Abbey7519:00 - 00:00400
Upton Magna Memorial Hall10020:00 - 00:00400
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel10019:00 - 00:00400
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club7519:30 - 00:00400
Old Downton Lodge7519:30 - 23:30400
The Cock O Barton10018:30 - 00:30400
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall10019:30 - 00:00400
Berriew Community Village Hall12519:30 - 00:30400
Gwaenynog Farmhouse8019:00 - 00:00400
Lake Vyrnwy Hotel10019:00 - 00:00400
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall11519:30 - 00:00400
Millers of Netley15019:30 - 00:00400
Millers of Netley20020:00 - 01:00400
Carriages8519:00 - 00:00400
Rowton Castle Hotel10019:00 - 00:30400
Sweeney Hall Hotel8019:30 - 00:00400
The Cock O Barton10019:30 - 23:30400
Sweeney Hall Hotel5019:30 - 00:00400
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)17019:00 - 00:00400
Delbury Hall8019:30 - 23:30400
Lake Vyrnwy Hotel6518:30 - 00:10400
Soulton Hall12019:30 - 00:00400
Rowton Castle Hotel10019:30 - 00:00400
The Inn On The Green4020:00 - 00:00400
Garth Barns5019:00 - 00:00400
Wroxeter Hotel18019:00 - 00:00400
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel10019:30 - 00:00400
Mellington Hall Hotel7019:00 - 00:00400
Soulton Hall10019:30 - 00:00400
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel10520:30 - 00:00360
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)20018:00 - 01:00350
Nanteos Mansion Country House Hotel8019:30 - 00:00350
Soulton Hall10019:30 - 00:00350
Pengwern Boat Club7015:00 - 00:00350
Guilsfield Community Centre17019:30 - 00:00350
Shooters Hill Hall7518:30 - 00:00350
Wistanstow Village Hall8020:00 - 23:00350
Wistanstow Village Hall13021:30 - 00:00350
The Brigands Inn3519:30 - 00:00350
Delbury Hall6018:30 - 23:30350
Marton Village Hall6019:30 - 00:00350
The Cock O Barton15019:30 - 00:00330
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club7519:30 - 23:30325
Combermere Abbey17019:30 - 00:00320
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)7519:30 - 00:00320
The Mytton and Mermaid14019:00 - 00:30320
The Monty Club7505:30 - 11:00310
The Cock O Barton10019:30 - 00:00310
Dorringtons Horseshoes7019:00 - 00:00305
Belle Vue Royal Hotel4019:00 - 00:00300
Rowton Castle Hotel9319:30 - 00:30300
Belle Vue Royal Hotel7020:30 - 01:00300
Shrewsbury Cricket Club7016:00 - 20:00300
The Townhouse1519:30 - 00:00300
Bryngwyn Hall20019:00 - 00:00300
Rodington Village Hall10017:00 - 00:00300
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall15019:30 - 00:00300
Ludlow Castle15019:30 - 00:30300
Beaten Track (Wacky Warehouse)6019:30 - 00:00300
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)13021:30 - 00:30300
Garthmyl Hall24019:30 - 01:00300
Darwin Community Centre15019:30 - 00:00300
Trinity Centre10019:30 - 23:00300
Grange Barn7520:00 - 02:00300
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)7519:30 - 12:30300
Not specified15019:30 - 00:30300
Lion Hotel18019:30 - 01:00300
Soulton Hall10018:30 - 00:00300
Y Consti Restaurant (Constitution Hill)6019:30 - 01:00300
Ludlow Castle15019:00 - 00:00300
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel6019:30 - 00:00300
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)10019:30 - 00:00300
Lion Quays10018:30 - 01:00300
Pengwern Boat Club12019:30 - 01:00300
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall12018:30 - 00:00300
Not specified7519:30 - 23:30300
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)10021:30 - 00:30300
Longden Village Hall12019:30 - 00:00300
Barnutopia 8019:30 - 01:00300
Charlton Arms10019:30 - 00:00300
Delbury Hall15019:00 - 23:30300
Shooters Hill Hall12019:30 - 00:00300
Rowton Castle Hotel14020:00 - 00:00300
Pengwern Boat Club12019:00 - 00:00300
Plas Talgarth5019:30 - 00:00300
Lake Vyrnwy Hotel14018:30 - 23:30300
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)10019:30 - 00:00300
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall10020:30 - 00:00300
The Jack Mytton Inn (Mad Jacks)5519:30 - 00:00300
Soulton Hall11021:30 - 00:30300
The Elephant & Castle Hotel6518:30 - 00:00300
Delbury Hall8018:30 - 23:30300
Mellington Hall Hotel5019:00 - 00:00300
min y ddol pavilion4013:00 - 00:00300
Walcot Hall13019:00 - 00:00300
Iscoyd Park15021:15 - 00:00300
Hawkstone Park Hotel10019:30 - 00:00300
Tilstock Bradbury Village Hall5019:30 - 01:00300
University of Wales Gregynog Hall Conference Centre15019:00 - 00:30300
Lion Quays10019:00 - 01:00300
Soulton Hall7219:30 - 00:00300
Llanyblodwel & Porthywaen Memorial Institute20018:30 - 01:30300
Royal Oak Hotel15020:00 - 00:00296
Maesmawr Hall Hotel9018:00 - 23:00295
Harlescott Social Club10018:00 - 00:00294
Adcote Hall13019:30 - 00:00290
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)10519:30 - 00:00290
Albright Hussey Manor Hotel14522:00 - 01:00280
The St Nicholas (St Nics)17518:30 - 23:30280
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall9019:30 - 00:00280
Cross Houses Community Centre10019:30 - 00:00278
Mellington Hall Hotel6019:30 - 00:00275
Lion Quays10019:30 - 00:00275
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)20019:30 - 00:00275
Culmington Village Hall 15019:00 - 00:00265
Ludlow Brewing Company10019:00 - 23:30260
Combermere Abbey9018:30 - 00:00260
Montgomery Town Hall16019:30 - 00:00260
Plas Antaron Hotel12019:30 - 00:00250
Delbury Hall12019:00 - 23:00250
Hawkstone Park Hotel10019:30 - 00:00250
Pengwern Boat Club8019:00 - 00:00250
Powerleague Shrewsbury8020:00 - 23:30250
Hawkstone Park Hotel10019:30 - 00:00250
Rowton Castle Hotel10019:30 - 00:00250
Ludlow Rugby Club7015:00 - 00:00250
Trinity Centre6018:30 - 23:00250
Berriew Community Village Hall7019:00 - 01:00250
Hordley & Bagley Village Hall14018:30 - 00:00250
Four Crosses Inn6019:00 - 00:00250
Lion Hotel11019:00 - 01:00250
Wroxeter Hotel15019:00 - 00:30250
Church Barn14519:30 - 00:00250
Hawkstone Park Hotel & Golf Centre15019:30 - 00:00250
Lord Hill Hotel 3512:00 - 16:30250
Combermere Abbey12019:30 - 00:00250
Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel (Llety Parc)9019:30 - 00:00250
Ludlow Castle15019:30 - 00:00250
Royal Oak Hotel10019:00 - 00:00250
The Elephant & Castle Hotel15019:00 - 00:00250
The Boat House11019:30 - 00:00250
Combermere Abbey12019:00 - 00:00250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)13019:30 - 23:30250
Min y Ddol Pavilion (Sports Hall)10019:30 - 23:30250
Mellington Hall Hotel9019:30 - 00:00250
Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall10019:30 - 00:30250
Wroxeter Hotel11019:00 - 00:00250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)12020:00 - 00:30250
Four Crosses Inn7019:30 - 23:30250
Ludlow Football Club5519:30 - 00:00250
Wroxeter Hotel12019:00 - 00:00250
The Cock O Barton6019:30 - 00:00250
Sweeney Hall Hotel10019:30 - 00:00250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)8019:30 - 00:30250
Mellington Hall Hotel7519:30 - 00:00250
Nanteos Mansion Country House Hotel (Plas Nanteos)8018:00 - 0:00250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)6020:30 - 00:30250
Not specified5017:30 - 23:30250
Mereside Community Centre9518:00 - 01:00250
The Elephant & Castle Hotel15019:00 - 01:00250
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel9019:30 - 00:00250
Wroxeter Hotel10019:00 - 00:00250
Wroxeter Hotel10019:00 - 00:00250
Sweeney Hall Hotel7019:00 - 00:00250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)6019:00 - 00:30250
Combermere Abbey16019:00 - 00:00250
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel5019:00 - 00:00250
Not specified10019:30 - 23:30250
The Bull8020:30 - 00:00250
Delbury Hall12019:30 - 00:00250
Barnutopia 12019:30 - 01:00247
Bromwich Park10019:30 - 00:00244
Centre for Alternative Technology15019:30 - 00:00243
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel12019:00 - 00:00243
Trefonen Village Hall10019:30 - 00:00243
Morris Hall11019:30 - 00:00240
Morris Hall11019:30 - 00:00240
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel7019:30 - 00:00239
Gwaenynog Farmhouse7019:30 - 00:00238
University of Wales Gregynog Hall Conference Centre12019:00 - 00:00238
Whitchurch Civic Centre25005:00 - 00:00230
Sweeney Hall Hotel7019:30 - 23:30225
The Kings Arms7019:00 - 00:00225
Leintwardine Village Hall7018:30 - 23:00225
Old Downton Lodge4620:30 - 00:00220
Bishops Castle Public Hall10019:30 - 23:30210
Newtown Football Club12019:30 - 00:00200
The Jack Mytton Inn (Mad Jacks)8019:30 - 00:00200
Henry Tudor House5019:30 - 23:30200
Four Crosses Inn6019:00 - 00:00200
Guilsfield Village Hall10019:00 - 00:00200
Black Lion Inn Aberystwyth8018:00 - 01:00200
Meifod Village Hall16019:00 - 01:00200
Albright Hussey Manor Hotel3519:30 - 00:00200
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel6720:00 - 00:00200
Hawkstone Park Hotel10020:00 - 00:30200
Trinity Centre6020:00 - 22:30200
The Horseshoes Inn10020:00 - 01:00200
The Glasshouse at Combermere5021:00 - 23:30200
Charlton Arms7519:30 - 00:00200
Llanymynech Village Hall10018:30 - 00:00200
Malpas and District Sports Club15019:30 - 00:00200
The Belvidere5015:00 - 00:00200
Rowton Castle Hotel6019:30 - 00:30200
The Elephant & Castle Hotel6519:30 - 00:00200
The Coracle (aka The Lounge)7018:30 - 00:00200
Newtown FC3019:30 - 00:00200
Shawbury Village Hall10019:30 - 00:00200
Aberystwyth Town Football Club11019:30 - 00:00200
Mellington Hall Hotel13021:00 - 00:00200
Old Rectory Hotel10019:30 - 00:00200
Sweeney Hall Hotel10019:00 - 23:00200
Morris Hall13021:00 - 00:00200
Ellesmere Town Hall8019:30 - 00:30200
Not specified15019:30 - 23:30200
Iscoyd Park10020:00 - 01:30200
Delbury Hall12019:30 - 23:30200
Llangynog Memorial Hall14021:00 - 01:00200
Meole Brace Bowling Club7006:30 - 11:30200
Maesmawr Hall Hotel8019:30 - 00:00200
Reabrook Social Club8017:30 - 00:00200
Sweeney Hall Hotel7519:30 - 00:00200
Charlton Arms7020:30 - 00:00200
Leintwardine Village Hall7019:00 - 23:00200
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)15019:30 - 00:00200
Soulton Hall15521:30 - 00:00200
Private Function


Evening only - typically 5 hours maximum | DJ and disco without extras

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Show prices for 313 recent parties in this area

VenueGuestsEventBudget £
The Armoury250New Years Eve800
Bayston Hill Memorial Hall30Birthday 50th80
Dorrington Village Hall100Birthday 70th80
Bagley Sports & Social Club100Birthday 30th80
Beaten Track 100## HIRE ONLY ##60
The Shrewsbury Club120Birthday 40th520
The White Horse50New Years Eve500
Delbury Hall120Not specified500
Treowen Community Hall40Christmas Party50
Telepost Sports & Social Club50Birthday 50th50
The Haughmond60New Years Eve450
Shrewsbury Freemasons Hall120Birthday 40th450
The Jack Mytton Inn (Mad Jacks)120New Years Eve450
The Burlton Inn40New Years Eve420
The Railway Inn100New Years Eve400
The Burlton Inn40New Years Eve400
Wem Sports & Social Club120New Years Eve400
The Station Grill120New Years Eve400
Pulverbatch Village Hall150Birthday 50th400
Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel (Llety Parc)80SEE DETAILS for more info400
Iscoyd Park75Just a party375
Hadnall Village Hall100Birthday 50th350
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & Social100Birthday 50th350
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & Social150Birthday 50th350
The Red Lion Coaching Inn75Christmas Party350
Darwin Community Centre100Not specified350
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)80Birthday 40th350
The Three Tuns Inn50Christmas Party350
Fishmore Hall Hotel70New Years Eve350
Private Residence50Birthday 70th350
The Burlton Inn50Hotel or Pub General Entertain320
Private residence150Leaving / Farewell Party300
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club40Corporate Event300
Darwin Community Centre75Birthday 40th300
Leintwardine Village Hall75Birthday 70th300
West Mid (Midlands) Showground100Birthday 50th300
Loppington village hall129Birthday 50th300
Morris Hall75Birthday 60th300
Telepost Sports & Social Club90Birthday - Adult Other300
Bagleys Sports + Social Club130Not specified300
Radbrook Community Centre100Birthday 40th300
Iscoyd Park130## HIRE ONLY ##300
Darwin Community Centre100Birthday 50th300
Dearnford110Not specified300
Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel (Llety Parc)80Birthday 50th300
Harmer Hill Village Hall65Birthday 60th300
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)100Birthday 40th300
Bicton Heath Community Hall50Birthday 60th300
The Bulls Head70New Years Eve300
Oswestry Cricket Club70Birthday 40th300
The Olive Tree60New Years Eve300
The White Lion50Birthday 60th300
Charlton Arms70Corporate Event295
Greenfields & District Bowling Club75Birthday 60th275
Not specified75Birthday 50th275
Not specified35Birthday 30th260
Morda football club75Engagement260
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)85Just a party260
Bagley Sports & Social Club75Birthday 30th260
Radbrook Community Centre60Birthday 40th250
Albrighton Hall Hotel (Mercure)100Charity Event / Fundraiser250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
Lion Hotel75Dinner Dance250
Reabrook Social Club150Just a party250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
The Boat House60Birthday 30th250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
The Corbet Arms70Halloween Party250
Hawkstone Park Hotel & Golf Centre130Charity Event / Fundraiser250
Brooklands Hotel85Birthday 30th250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
Morris Hall80Charity Event / Fundraiser250
Not specified140Birthday 40th250
Private residence50Birthday 40th250
Trinity Centre120Birthday 60th250
Not specified50Anniversary250
The Jack Mytton Inn (Mad Jacks)100Birthday 30th250
Darwin Community Centre50Birthday 30th250
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)90Birthday 70th250
The St Nicholas (St Nics)100Christmas Party250
Shrewsbury Cricket Club75Birthday 50th250
Stanton Lacy Village Hall50Anniversary250
Powerleague Shrewsbury50SEE DETAILS for more info250
Shrewsbury Freemasons Hall75Christening / Baptism / Naming250
Ellesmere Town Hall40Anniversary250
The Swan Inn60Birthday 60th250
Cross Houses Community Centre50Engagement250
Telepost Sports & Social Club40Engagement250
The Kynnersley Arms80New Years Eve250
Pontesbury Public Hall100Birthday 30th250
Ludlow Mascall Centre50Anniversary250
Hawkstone Park Hotel & Golf Centre150Charity Event / Fundraiser250
Four Crosses Inn60Dinner Dance250
Not specified150Civil Partnership250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
Llanidloes Rugby Club100Birthday 30th250
Radbrook Community Centre120Birthday - Adult Other250
Gregynog Hall90Not specified250
Trefonen Village Hall100Birthday 60th250
The Dining Rooms173Christmas Party250
The Moat Shed @ Northwood Hall90Birthday 50th244
Bitterley Village Hall150Birthday - Adult Other244
The Peaberry65Engagement243
Llanilar Village Hall65Birthday 50th240
Hadnall Village Hall100Birthday 30th240
The Raven Inn50Birthday 60th240
Harmer Hill Village Hall65Birthday 60th240
Greenfields & District Bowling Club75Birthday 60th240
Darwin Community Centre50Birthday 50th240
Shrewsbury Freemasons Hall80Birthday 80th240
Aberystwyth Park Lodge Hotel (Llety Parc)40Birthday 70th239
Hope Village Hall80Anniversary239
Dodington Lodge Hotel50Birthday 40th238
Powerleague Shrewsbury50Birthday 30th237
Craven Arms Bowls Club100Birthday 60th234
The Corbet Arms60Birthday 50th234
The Heathgates80Birthday 50th232
Hadnall Village Hall80Birthday 60th230
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club100Christening / Baptism / Naming230
Richards Castle Village Hall60Dinner Dance230
Wynnstay Hotel180Charity Event / Fundraiser230
The Original Ball30Birthday 80th225
Oswestry Rugby Football Club10Corporate Event225
Marton Village Hall60Birthday 40th225
Oswestry Rugby Football Club70Birthday 50th224
Condover Village Hall50Birthday 50th224
Private residence65Charity Event / Fundraiser220
The Corbet Arms60Birthday 60th220
Brooklands Hotel130Birthday 40th220
Leighton Village Hall40Birthday 70th210
Barnutopia 20Just a party205
The Three Tuns Inn200Birthday 30th200
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)50Birthday 50th200
Reman Sports & Social Club120Birthday - Adult Other200
The Onslow50Birthday 50th200
Lion Hotel60Not specified200
Telepost Sports & Social Club100Birthday 30th200
The Kerry Lamb50Birthday 40th200
Wem Sports & Social Club120Birthday 30th200
Four Crosses Inn75Birthday 40th200
Wattlesborough Village Hall60Birthday 30th200
Last Inn100Not specified200
Minsterley Parish Hall80Leaving / Farewell Party200
Hadnall Village Hall80Birthday 60th200
Sweeney Hall Hotel100## HIRE ONLY ##200
Y Consti Restaurant (Constitution Hill)75Birthday 40th200
Not specified100Christening / Baptism / Naming200
Dodington Lodge Hotel80Engagement200
Bagley Sports & Social Club60Birthday 40th200
Malpas and District Sports Club120Birthday 60th200
Ellesmere Town Hall50Christmas Party200
Barnutopia 30Just a party200
Welshampton Parish Hall50Birthday 50th200
Darwin Community Centre100Birthday 50th200
Bagley Sports & Social Club130Birthday 30th200
Ford Parish Hall100Birthday 40th200
Archibald Worthington Club (AWC)50Birthday 30th200
The Blue Boar100Residency/Regular200
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)50Birthday 50th200
Pengwern Boat Club80Corporate Event200
Aberystwyth Rugby Club75Birthday 30th200
Archibald Worthington Club (AWC)100Birthday 30th200
The Three Tuns50Birthday 60th200
The Cock Inn70Birthday - Adult Other200
The Corbet Arms50Christening / Baptism / Naming200
Marine Hotel100Sports / Social Club200
Cressage Village Hall80Birthday 70th200
Reman Sports & Social Club120Birthday - Adult Other200
Ludlow Brewing Company100Birthday - Adult Other200
Bagley Bowling Club150Birthday 30th200
The Old Post Office65Birthday 60th200
The Boat House40Birthday 30th200
The Corbet Arms75Birthday 30th200
Powerleague Shrewsbury60Birthday 50th195
Nesscliffe Village Hall80Anniversary186
Private Residence10House Party180
The Railway Club75Charity Event / Fundraiser180
Oswestry Rugby Football Club95Christmas Party180
Trefeglwys Memorial Hall60Birthday 60th180
The Steam Wagon Inn60Birthday 30th180
Carriages70Birthday 30th180
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)150Engagement180
Whitchurch Civic Centre80SEE DETAILS for more info180
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)50Christmas Party180
Richards Castle Village Hall100Just a party175
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & Social100Christmas Party175
Not specified65Birthday 40th175
Oswestry Cricket Club100Birthday 40th175
The Raven Inn36Anniversary175
Powerleague Shrewsbury70Just a party175
Penthyncoch Village Hall100Halloween Party175
The Monkmoor50Birthday 50th175
Lion Quays125Communion175
The Three Tuns Inn80Charity Event / Fundraiser175
Newtown Football Club75Birthday 30th170
Whitchurch Civic Centre75Engagement170
The Punch Bowl75Hotel or Pub General Entertain170
Castle Caereinion Community Centre50Birthday 50th160
Penrhyncoch Football Club100Birthday 70th160
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)50Birthday 40th160
Oswestry Memorial Hall70Birthday 30th160
Carriages90Birthday 30th160
Powerleague Shrewsbury100Birthday 50th160
Baschurch Village Hall75Birthday 40th150
Bagley Sports & Social Club100Birthday 60th150
Harlescott Social Club90Birthday 40th150
Grinshill Village Hall50Birthday 40th150
The Original Ball60Birthday 50th150
Shrewsbury Town FC70Birthday 60th150
Capel Bangor Golf & Country Club60Not specified150
Welshpool Town Hall60Birthday 40th150
Hanwood Village Hall50Just a party150
The Boat House35Birthday 30th150
Black Lion Inn Aberystwyth50Birthday 30th150
Carno Community Centre50Birthday 40th150
Bagley Bowling Club75Birthday 50th150
Inn on the Green75Birthday 30th150
Private Residence40Just a party150
Eastern Oswestry Community Centre80Halloween Party150
Sundorne Games Hall150Christmas Party150
The Kerry Lamb120Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Wroxeter Hotel50Birthday 40th150
Bagley Sports & Social Club100Birthday 30th150
Bagley Sports & Social Club75Birthday 30th150
Oswestry Combined Ex-Service Mens ClubSEE DETAILS for more info150
Meole Brace Hall20Christmas Party150
Beaten Track 65Just a party150
Black Lion Hotel60Birthday 40th150
Morda & Sweeney Village Hall75Birthday 50th150
The Charles Darwin60Birthday 30th150
Powerleague Shrewsbury130Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Kinnerley Village Hall100Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Lord Hill Hotel 100Birthday 30th150
Whitchurch Cricket Club70Birthday 50th150
The Three Tuns Inn100Birthday 50th150
Lion Quays110Dinner Dance150
The Crown Inn25Birthday 40th150
Shrewsbury Freemasons Hall90Birthday 30th150
The Market Hotel40Birthday 60th150
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club80Birthday 30th150
The Hive100Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Four Crosses Inn75Engagement150
The Three Tuns Inn80Birthday 40th150
The Old Mill28Christmas Party150
Onibury Village Hall150Birthday 50th150
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)100Birthday 40th150
Greenfields & District Bowling Club75Charity Event / Fundraiser150
The Charles Darwin30Leaving / Farewell Party150
Oswestry Combined Ex-Service Mens Club50Birthday 40th150
Henlle Park Golf Club70Birthday 40th150
The Inn On The Green60Birthday 30th150
Shrewsbury Cricket Club75Birthday 30th150
Brooklands Hotel50Birthday 30th150
The Boat House100Birthday 50th150
The Coracle (aka The Lounge)50Birthday 30th140
Ludlow Kitchen (Ludlow Food Centre)70Leaving / Farewell Party130
Prees Cricket & Recreation Club10Birthday 40th130
Shrewsbury Cricket Club70Birthday 40th130
Ellesmere Town Hall50SEE DETAILS for more info130
Harlescott Social Club50Birthday 40th130
The Wingfield Arms80Birthday 40th130
Welshpool Social Club45Birthday 40th130
Ellesmere Town Hall80Birthday 30th130
Brooklands Hotel50Birthday 40th130
Eastern Oswestry Community Centre60Just a party130
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & Social100Birthday 80th130
Greenfields & District Bowling Club125Just a party130
The Lowfield Inn35Leaving / Farewell Party130
Wroxeter Hotel100Charity Event / Fundraiser130
The Heathgates60Not specified130
The Burlton Inn35Christmas Party130
Cockshutt Village (Memorial) Hall100Birthday 50th125
Welshpool Social Club60Christmas Party125
West Mid (Midlands) Showground200Charity Event / Fundraiser125
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club150SEE DETAILS for more info120
Telepost Sports & Social Club40SEE DETAILS for more info120
Arddleen Village Hall50Charity Event / Fundraiser110
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & Social150Birthday 50th110
Knockin Assembly Rooms (Village Hall)60## HIRE ONLY ##100
Porthywaen Silver Band Hall100Birthday 50th100
The Vault50Charity Event / Fundraiser100
Cholmondeley Coronation Hall25SEE DETAILS for more info100
Reabrook Social Club40SEE DETAILS for more info100
Darwin Community Centre40Charity Event / Fundraiser100
Harlescott Social Club70Birthday - Adult Other100
Four Crosses50Not specified100
Mahorall Farm Cider Barn90Birthday 40th100
Morda Social Club70Christening / Baptism / Naming100
The Cock Inn Hanwood60Sports / Social Club100
Brooklands Hotel60Birthday 40th100
Mytton and Mermaid Hotel120Not specified100
The Raven InnUp to 50Birthday 40th
Memorial Hall100Birthday 40th
Royal Oak Hotel51-75Birthday 60th
The Raven Inn51-75Christmas Party
ChurchbarnUp to 50Christmas Party
The Walls80Works Party
Bicton Village HallAround 100Birthday 30th
Powerleague Shrewsbury70SEE DETAILS for more info
Llanymynech Village Hall60Birthday 30th
West Felton Village Hall50Birthday 50th
Oswestry Rugby Football Club50Christening / Baptism / Naming
Rowton Castle HotelUp to 50Not specified
Brooklands Hotel100-150Birthday 50th
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey Club50SEE DETAILS for more info
Rugby Club50-75Birthday 30th
Little Hereford Village Hall25House Party - Indoor
Railway Inn30Charity Event / Fundraiser
The Royal Oak51-75SEE DETAILS for more info
Oswestry Cricket Club50Birthday 50th
The Highwayman50New Years Eve
Leintwardine Village Hall75-100Charity Event / Fundraiser
Cross Guns Inn150-200SEE DETAILS for more info
Kids party


Daytime/Evening - typically 2-3 hours duration | DJ and disco without extras

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Show prices for 199 recent childrens' parties in this area

VenueEventBudget £
Shrewsbury Quaker (Friends) Meeting House (St Cathrns Hall)Birthday (12-15 years)80
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & SocialBirthday (12-15 years)80
Neuadd Rhydypennau HallBirthday (7-11 years)80
Harlescott Social ClubBirthday (7-11 years)80
Gatacre PavilionBirthday (6yrs or under)80
Trinity CentreBirthday (7-11 years)75
Trefonen Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)70
Pontesbury Public HallBirthday (6yrs or under)70
Church BarnBirthday (12-15 years)60
Rockspring Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)60
Acton Scott HallBirthday (12-15 years)60
Ludlow Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)500
Llansanffraid Village Hall Birthday (6yrs or under)50
Ellesmere Town HallBirthday (16-21 years)400
Ludlow RacecourseBirthday (16-21 years)400
Shooters Hill HallBirthday (16-21 years)350
The Old MillBirthday (16-21 years)300
Criftins Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Oswestry Memorial HallBirthday (7-11 years)300
Longmynd HotelBirthday (16-21 years)300
Wattlesborough & Halfway House Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Lingen Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Trade and NicheBirthday (16-21 years)300
The Original BallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Whitchurch Civic CentreBirthday (12-15 years)300
Dodington Lodge HotelBirthday (16-21 years)300
Barnutopia Birthday (16-21 years)300
Bagley Sports & Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)275
Kerry Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)270
Whitchurch Civic CentreBirthday (16-21 years)260
Condover Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)250
Wem United Services ClubBirthday (16-21 years)250
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (16-21 years)250
Mytton and Mermaid HotelBirthday (16-21 years)250
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)Birthday (16-21 years)250
Ludlow Rugby ClubBirthday (16-21 years)250
Ryton Village HallSchool Disco (Primary)250
Lord Hill Hotel Birthday (16-21 years)250
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (16-21 years)250
Baschurch Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)250
The LanternBirthday (7-11 years)250
Darwin Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)250
The Dining RoomsBirthday (16-21 years)250
Pontesbury Public HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (7-11 years)250
Onibury Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
The CrownBirthday (16-21 years)246
Shrewsbury Cricket ClubBirthday (12-15 years)244
Malpas Victoria Jubilee HallBirthday (12-15 years)243
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (16-21 years)240
The Punch BowlBirthday (16-21 years)237
Clee Hill Rugby ClubBirthday (16-21 years)227
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (16-21 years)225
Whitchurch Rugby & Hockey ClubBirthday (16-21 years)210
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Shrewsbury Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Buttington & Trewern Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)200
Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Public HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Bomere Heath Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
Four Crosses InnBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Min y Ddol Pavilion (Sports Hall)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Gatacre PavilionBirthday (16-21 years)200
Lingen Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Adcote HallSchool Disco - Secondary200
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (7-11 years)200
Whitchurch Civic CentreBirthday (16-21 years)200
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Shrewsbury Town Football Club (The Shrews)(Greenhous Meadow)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Bickerton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
Mereside Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)200
Henry Tudor HouseBirthday (16-21 years)200
Morris HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Ludlow Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Trefonen Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Dorrington Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Tilston War Memorial HallBirthday (12-15 years)190
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (16-21 years)190
Myddle Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)180
Newtown Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)180
Morris HallBirthday (16-21 years)180
Onibury Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)180
Bayston Hill Memorial HallBirthday (12-15 years)180
Bagley Sports & Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)180
Leintwardine Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)175
Brownlow Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)175
Whitchurch Cricket ClubBirthday (7-11 years)160
Berriew Community Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)160
Prees Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)160
Newcastle Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)160
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & SocialBirthday (16-21 years)150
Wem United Services ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Baschurch Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Tilston War Memorial HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
The Elephant & Castle HotelBirthday (16-21 years)150
Darwin Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)150
Bagley Sports & Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Newtown Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Ludlow Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Admaston HouseBirthday (16-21 years)150
The Keys (ex Cross Keys)Birthday (16-21 years)150
Whitchurch Civic CentreBirthday (7-11 years)150
The Boat HouseBirthday (16-21 years)150
Kinnerley Parish (Village) HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Telepost Sports & Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Plas Dinam Country HouseBirthday (16-21 years)150
Hadnall Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Ludlow Rugby ClubBirthday (7-11 years)150
Harlescott Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Shropshire Unison Club (Salop NALGO)Birthday (16-21 years)150
Yockleton Victory HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (16-21 years)150
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (16-21 years)150
Cressage Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Whitchurch Civic CentreBirthday (16-21 years)150
Oswestry Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Richards Castle Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Four Crosses Village CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Oswestry Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Shrewsbury Freemasons HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Harlescott Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Overton Grange HotelSchool Disco - Secondary150
Oswestry Cricket ClubSchool Disco - Secondary150
Shrewsbury Town Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Bicton Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Atcham Memorial Hall (The Malthouse)Birthday (12-15 years)150
Ludlow Football ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
The Tollgate InnBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Baschurch Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)145
Arddleen Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)144
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (16-21 years)140
Nesscliffe Village HallSchool Disco - Primary140
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)140
Middletown Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)140
Criftins Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)140
The Falcon InnBirthday (16-21 years)135
Gobowen Working Mens ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)130
The Centre (Fusion Arts)Birthday (7-11 years)130
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)130
West Felton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)130
Brooklands HotelBirthday (7-11 years)125
Trinity CentreBirthday (7-11 years)125
Eastern Oswestry Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)125
Oswestry Combined Ex-Service Mens ClubBirthday (16-21 years)125
Meole Brace HallBirthday (7-11 years)125
Little Ness Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)120
The MonkmoorBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Bicton Heath Community HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)120
Lingen Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Powis Castle - EventsBirthday (12-15 years)120
Glyndyr HotelBirthday (16-21 years)120
Bickerton Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)120
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)120
Bomere Heath Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)120
Stanton upon Hine Heath Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)120
The Centre (Fusion Arts)Birthday (7-11 years)110
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & SocialBirthday (7-11 years)110
Powerleague ShrewsburyBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Darwin Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
Ellesmere Town HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Park Hall Countryside ExperienceBirthday (16-21 years)100
Ditherington Community HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Castlefields Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)100
Tilston War Memorial HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
The MonkmoorBirthday (7-11 years)100
Eaton Constantine Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Malpas Victoria Jubilee HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Not specifiedBirthday (12-15 years)100
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Baschurch Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Montford Parish (Village) HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Middletown Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Oswestry Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)100
Longden CE Primary SchoolSchool Disco - Primary100
Tregynon Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Archibald Worthington Club (AWC)Birthday (16-21 years)0
The Bull HotelBirthday (16-21 years)
Oswestry Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)
Rugby ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)
Ellesmere Comrades Sports & SocialBirthday (6yrs or under)
Bagley Sports ClubBirthday (16-21 years)
Whitchurch Cricket ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)
Trinity CentreBirthday (12-15 years)
Radbrook Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)
Rockspring Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)
PedigreeBirthday (6yrs or under)
Sweeney Hall HotelBirthday (12-15 years)
West Felton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)
Four Crosses InnBirthday (16-21 years)
Morris HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Brooks Around The CornerBirthday (16-21 years)
Wattlesborough Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Richards Castle Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)
Rodington Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Porthywaen Silver Band HallBirthday (6yrs or under)
Hope Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Albright Hussey Manor HotelSchool Disco - Secondary
Welshpool Bowling ClubBirthday (16-21 years)

REMEMBER! - these figures are AVERAGES. You can hire low cost DJs who will charge less than this and you can hire professionals who will charge more. As with any service industry, you get what you pay for! Also bear in mind there are far more budget priced events taking place every week than premium priced events - this in turn will affect the overall average. is the UK's leading DJ matching website, where you can choose the level of DJ you require based on their experience, equipment provision, professionalism, and of course, price.

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You can expect a low-cost DJ in Oswestry to attend your function with a basic sound rig, often just a couple of entry-level speakers to provide sound for the dancefloor, and a small selection of lighting effects working in "sound-to-light" mode - ie. flashing different colours in time to the beat. You can expect limited interaction with your Budget DJ prior to the party. Most will accept some music requests on the night but will be working with a fairly limited music collection.

Many Budget DJs are part-time operators working to supplement other income. As such they are usually a good choice for low-cost venues such as pubs and village halls, and events such as 18th birthday parties and engagements.

A mid-range DJ will likely have a choice of equipment which will be selected to best suit your function and venue, and might offer some level of control over the lighting to keep it synchronised and befitting of the music style playing. They will usually offer a consultation in advance and be skilled enough to "hold the function together" on the night, continually thinking and planning ahead to make the event go smoothly. You can expect smart dress, good levels of presentation and confident microphone skills.

Many mid-range DJs are full-time businesses who can devote time to forward planning for your party in Oswestry, as well as offering a range of add-on services. Lots of mid-priced DJs will be members of trade organisations such as DJmark giving you confidence in their service. This means they will hold Public Liability Insurance, have regularly safety tests undertaken on their electrical equipment ("PAT"), and will issue contracts for bookings.

A premium DJ is most likely to work with you in advance to plan all aspects of the event, from equipment and lighting needs through to music preferences, announcements, key timings and the structure of the party. They will be willing to work with other entertainment providers and the venue management to avoid any unnecessary "surprises". They possess the experience and skills to ensure meticulous planning and preparation befitting of their fee, and will be smartly presented on the day to suit your function.

The perfect choice for an important event such as a wedding reception or corporate gathering, premium DJs will be able to confidently lead your celebration. Generally run as full-time businesses, Premium DJs operating in the Oswestry area are most likely to offer an impeccable feedback record and have attained DJmark Platinum or Diamond level - demonstrating their commitment to customer service.

Party Venues in Oswestry

The data making up these averages is extracted from many thousands of mobile disco enquiries received and processed via They are intended as a guideline to help event planners understand the "going rate" for mobile disco and DJ hire in the Oswestry area. The figures shown above are AVERAGES and visitors should bear in mind that these are derived from a huge variation in requirements. Comparing DJ pricing is not like comparing the price of a tin of baked beans at different supermarkets. Each DJ operator offers something different and unique to the next, catering for a wide range of demands, hence you will find basic DJs priced lower than our published averages and premium DJs priced higher.

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