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VenueGuestsTimesBudget £
New Road Sports and Leisure Centre6015:00 - 00:00870
Chaucer Barn10019:30 - 00:30800
Hockering House7519:30 - 00:00700
Elms Barn13519:30 - 00:00700
The Boathouse11519:00 - 00:00620
White Dove Barns20019:30 - 00:00600
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club15019:00 - 23:30550
Oxnead Hall8019:30 - 00:00550
Dragon Hall12019:30 - 00:00500
Hoveton Hall Events12014:00 - 23:00500
The Georgian Townhouse10019:30 - 00:00500
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)10016:00 - 00:00500
Swanton Morley Village Hall10019:30 - 00:00500
North Creake (Lloyd Memorial) Village Hall10020:00 - 00:00500
Langley Abbey8019:30 - 00:00500
St Giles House Hotel9519:30 - 00:00500
Sprowston Manor Hotel10019:30 - 00:00500
Wood Farm Barn8019:30 - 01:00500
Langley Abbey7019:00 - 00:00500
Parkhill Hotel12019:30 - 00:00500
Burlington Berties5019:00 - 00:00500
Oaklands Hotel10019:30 - 23:30500
Lenwade House Hotel15019:00 - 00:30500
The Gamekeeper7818:30 - 23:30450
St Giles House Hotel13019:00 - 00:00450
Dunston Hall (De Vere)5520:00 - 02:00450
Dunston Hall (De Vere)14011:30 - 17:30440
Great Ellingham Recreation Centre5016:30 - 00:00410
Oaklands Hotel14019:00 - 00:00400
Dunston Hall (De Vere)15019:30 - 00:00400
Bawburgh Village Hall10019:30 - 23:00400
The Georgian Townhouse8019:30 - 01:00400
Brasteds12021:00 - 00:00400
Maids Head Hotel8019:00 - 00:00400
Fakenham Sports & Fitness Cantre8019:00 - 23:00400
Little Melton Village Hall10017:00 - 23:00400
Weston Longville Village Hall (Hall For All)10019:30 - 00:00400
The Lacon Arms6015:00 - 18:30400
Attleborough Town Hall10019:00 - 01:00400
Great Yarmouth Masonic Association (Assembly Rooms)20019:30 - 00:00400
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)13019:30 - 00:00400
Oaklands Hotel9018:30 - 00:00400
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)10017:00 - 00:00400
Zenith Windows Rugby Club18817:30 - 00:00400
Dunston Hall (De Vere)14019:00 - 00:00400
Zenith Windows Rugby Club18817:30 - 00:00400
Elm Farm Country House14019:30 - 00:00400
Old Rectory Hotel8019:30 - 00:30400
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)7018:30 - 00:30400
Dunston Hall (De Vere)10019:30 - 23:30400
Lenwade House Hotel15019:30 - 00:00400
The Dairy Barns10019:30 - 00:00400
The Willow Centre10019:30 - 23:30400
The Rumbold Arms6017:30 - 23:00400
Dunston Hall (De Vere)6520:00 - 01:00400
Great Yarmouth Masonic Association (Assembly Rooms)10019:30 - 00:00400
The Bird in Hand10019:30 - 23:30400
Hunters Hall12019:30 - 00:00400
Tasburgh Village Hall15019:00 - 00:00400
Ivy House Country Hotel18021:15 - 00:00400
Elms Barn13019:30 - 00:00399
Henham Park (Henham Barns)18019:00 - 23:30395
Kimberley Hall11019:30 - 00:00355
Elms Barn10019:30 - 00:00350
The Boathouse15019:30 - 01:30350
Ditchingham Village Hall10019:00 - 23:30350
The Georgian Townhouse13019:00 - 00:00350
Oaklands Hotel6019:00 - 23:00350
Hunters Hall10019:00 - 00:00350
The Assembly House10019:30 - 00:00350
Lenwade House Hotel12019:30 - 00:00350
The Reading Room10019:30 - 23:30350
St Giles House Hotel10019:00 - 00:00350
The Carlton Crown15017:00 - 00:00350
Felmingham Village Hall7518:00 - 23:00350
Stower Grange Hotel14019:00 - 00:00350
Bawdeswell Village Hall15017:30 - 22:30350
Bunwell Village Hall7016:30 - 00:00350
The Assembly House15019:30 - 23:30350
Carlton Manor Hotel15019:30 - 00:00350
The Georgian Townhouse8019:30 - 00:00350
Gimingham Village Hall5018:00 - 23:00350
Fakenham Sports & Fitness Cantre8019:30 - 00:00350
The Assembly House6019:30 - 23:30350
Ivy House Country Hotel15518:00 - 00:00350
The Reading Room8019:00 - 23:30350
Drayton Old Lodge7519:00 - 00:00350
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)5017:00 - 00:00350
Chaucer Barn13023:00 - 03:00350
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club10019:30 - 23:30350
Parkhill Hotel19019:00 - 01:00350
Toftwood Village Hall12018:00 - 00:00350
Not specified6521:00 - 00:00350
Burlington Berties6019:30 - 00:00350
Dunston Hall (De Vere)12019:30 - 00:00350
The Georgian Townhouse10018:30 - 00:00350
The White Horse (@Overstrand)15019:30 - 00:00350
Elm Farm Country House15019:30 - 00:00350
Applewood Hall16019:30 - 23:30325
Caldecott Hall Hotel15019:30 - 00:00320
Masonic Royal Assembly Rooms12015:00 - 00:00315
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)5018:00 - 00:00310
Namco Funscape8018:00 - 23:00305
Lenwade House Hotel18018:30 - 00:00300
Ditchingham Village Hall10517:30 - 23:30300
Parkhill Hotel18019:30 - 23:30300
Hemsby Village Hall15019:30 - 23:30300
The George & Dragon8015:00 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel10019:00 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel8019:00 - 00:00300
Hotel Wroxham10019:30 - 00:00300
Gressenhall Social Club10019:30 - 00:00300
Hunters Hall19019:30 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel10019:30 - 00:00300
Wensum Valley Hotel10020:00 - 00:00300
Lenwade House Hotel15019:30 - 00:30300
Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel13519:00 - 00:00300
Oxnead Hall16022:00 - 01:00300
Hautbois Hall11019:00 - 00:00300
Kimberley Hall13019:00 - 00:00300
Sprowston Manor Hotel12019:00 - 00:00300
Canary Social Club10019:30 - 00:00300
Mattishall Sports & Social Club - Memorial Hall - Football8018:30 - 00:00300
Carlton Manor Hotel12019:30 - 00:00300
Caistor Hall Hotel15019:30 - 00:00300
Hautbois Hall7514:30 - 00:30300
The Parson Woodforde14019:00 - 00:00300
The Keeper and the Dell8519:30 - 23:00300
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)12019:00 - 01:30300
Filby Bridge Restaurant8019:30 - 00:00300
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club7519:00 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel10019:30 - 00:00300
Links Country Park Hotel18019:00 - 00:00300
Old Rectory Hotel7018:30 - 00:00300
Sutton Staithe Hotel11019:30 - 00:00300
Swanton Morley Village Hall15019:30 - 00:00300
Dunston Hall (De Vere)12019:00 - 00:00300
Great Yarmouth Racecourse10018:30 - 23:00300
Southwood Hall7519:30 - 23:30300
St Giles House Hotel7019:30 - 00:00300
Chaucer Barn16019:00 - 00:00300
Belvedere Centre10017:00 - 00:00300
Cawston Village Hall10012:30 - 23:30300
Wensum Valley Hotel25019:00 - 01:00300
Kensington Hotel12519:30 - 00:00300
Caistor Hall Hotel7519:30 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel12019:00 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel8019:30 - 00:00300
West Earlham Community Centre8017:00 - 23:00300
St Andrews & Blackfriars Hall13018:00 - 00:00300
Park Farm Hotel7019:30 - 00:00300
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club7519:00 - 00:00300
Elms Barn15019:00 - 01:00300
Langley Abbey10019:00 - 00:00300
The Boathouse10017:00 - 24:00300
Langley Abbey12019:00 - 00:00300
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)7518:30 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel10019:00 - 00:00300
Henham Park (Henham Barns)10013:30 - 20:30300
Oaklands Hotel8019:00 - 00:00300
Swanton Morley Village Hall10019:00 - 00:00300
Hales Hall Barn15019:00 - 23:30300
Mangreen Hall (Country House)9019:30 - 23:30300
Oaklands Hotel10019:30 - 00:00300
Dunston Hall (De Vere)8019:30 - 00:00300
Shrublands Community Centre6019:30 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel12019:00 - 00:00300
Oaklands Hotel5019:30 - 00:00300
Holiday Inn Norwich4518:30 - 00:00300
Dunston Hall (De Vere)8020:30 - 01:00300
Barnham Broom Hotel12019:30 - 00:00300
Yaxham Village Hall10019:00 - 00:00300
The Goat Inn16019:00 - 00:00300
Waveney House Hotel2019:00 - 00:00300
The Boathouse7519:30 - 23:30300
Ditchingham Village Hall5017:30 - 00:00300
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club7519:00 - 00:00300
The Lodge6518:30 - 23:00300
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)15018:00 - 01:00300
Blakeney Harbour Room15019:00 - 00:00300
Hopton Village Hall9419:30 - 01:00300
Sprowston Manor Hotel8019:00 - 00:00300
Waveney House Hotel6019:30 - 00:00300
The White Horse (@Overstrand)4018:30 - 23:30290
Lowestoft Telecom Sports & Social Club10019:30 - 00:00283
Fakenham Sports & Fitness Cantre12019:00 - 00:00282
The Unthank Arms7019:00 - 23:30282
Oaklands Hotel6018:00 - 00:00282
The Kings Head7019:30 - 01:00281
Great Yarmouth Racecourse10016:00 - 00:00281
New Frost Hall (Foulsham Village Hall)15018:00 - 00:00280
Hunters Hall13019:30 - 00:00280
Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel11019:30 - 00:00280
The Assembly House12019:30 - 23:30280
Park Farm Hotel7519:45 - 00:30280
Oaklands Hotel10019:00 - 00:00275
St Giles House Hotel7019:30 - 00:00275
Stokesby Sports & Social Club13019:30 - 00:00275
Hautbois Hall12520:00 - 00:00270
Northrepps Village Hall7019:30 - 00:00270
Parkhill Hotel8518:30 - 00:00270
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich5019:00 - 01:00260
Park Farm Hotel10019:00 - 00:00260
Hunters Hall8019:30 - 00:00255
Elm Farm Country House6019:30 - 00:00255
The White Horse (@Overstrand)5219:30 - 00:00255
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club7019:30 - 00:00255
Toftwood Village Hall8019:30 - 02:00250
Elm Farm Country House15019:00 - 00:00250
The Poachers Pocket10019:00 - 00:00250
Fulmodeston Village Hall6018:30 - 23:30250
Norfolk Mead Hotel12020:30 - 00:00250
Roundwood Indoor Bowls Centre5019:00 - 00:00250
Oaklands Hotel8019:30 - 00:00250
Norfolk Mead Hotel12019:30 - 00:00250
Great Yarmouth Conservative & Unionist Club10018:00 - 00:00250
Cliff Hotel2519:00 - 23:00250
Not specified15017:30 - 23:30250
The Unthank Arms12019:30 - 00:00250
Barnham Broom Hotel10019:30 - 00:00250
Not specified10018:00 - 00:00250
Wicklewood Village Hall20018:00 - 00:00250
Lenwade House Hotel13019:30 - 00:00250
Old Lakenham Community Centre10018:00 - 23:00250
Parkhill Hotel10019:00 - 00:00250
Toftwood Village Hall5019:30 - 23:30250
Elm Farm Country House10019:00 - 00:00250
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)10019:30 - 00:00250
Wensum Lodge Hotel8519:30 - 00:00250
Oaklands Hotel10018:00 - 00:00250
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)6019:00 - 00:00250
Parkhill Hotel8519:30 - 00:00250
Park Farm Hotel7019:00 - 00:00250
Norfolk Mead Hotel10022:00 - 00:00250
Melbourne House7019:30 - 00:00250
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)5020:00 - 00:00250
Elm Farm Country House10019:00 - 23:30250
The Pub On The Shrubs8018:00 - 23:00250
Wood Farm Barn10019:00 - 00:00250
Beccles Public Hall12018:30 - 23:00250
Yaxham Village Hall5019:00 - 23:00250
Oaklands Hotel11019:30 - 00:00250
Great Yarmouth Conservative & Unionist Club7016:00 - 00:00250
The Unthank Arms7019:30 - 00:00250
Wenn Evans Centre10019:30 - 00:00250
Felmingham Village Hall20019:30 - 23:30250
Parkhill Hotel12018:00 - 00:00250
The Swan Motel (Gillingham Swan Hotel)7018:00 - 21:00250
Elm Farm Country House15019:30 - 00:00250
Oaklands Hotel20019:30 - 00:00250
Wayford Bridge Inn8019:30 - 00:00250
Beccles Rugby Club15019:30 - 01:00250
The Albion6018:00 - 23:00250
Kings Head Hotel8019:30 - 00:00250
Northrepps Village Hall7019:00 - 00:00250
Wensum Valley Golf And Country Club 8019:30 - 00:00250
Lichfield Community Centre4019:30 - 00:00250
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)6019:30 - 00:00250
The White Horse (@Overstrand)10019:00 - 23:00250
Smallburgh Village Hall7019:30 - 23:00250
Waveney House Hotel12019:00 - 00:00250
Brasteds8019:00 - 00:00250
Dunston Hall (De Vere)12019:30 - 00:00250
Merlins 147 Sports & Social Club7520:00 - 01:00250
Kings Head Hotel4019:00 - 00:00250
Not specified6013:00 - 23:30250
The Keeper and the Dell10020:30 - 23:30250
Salhouse Lodge15019:30 - 01:30250
Oaklands Hotel9018:00 - 00:00250
Stower Grange Hotel5019:30 - 00:00250
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)6019:00 - 00:30250
Hainford Village Hall8020:00 - 00:30250
Elm Farm Country House15019:30 - 00:00250
Anglian Windows Social Club10018:00 - 00:00250
Elm Farm Country House10019:00 - 00:00250
Scarborough Hill Country Inn15020:00 - 00:00250
Northrepps Village Hall3519:30 - 00:00250
Sprowston Manor Hotel12019:30 - 00:00250
The Georgian Townhouse8019:00 - 00:00250
Blue Boar Inn5019:00 - 00:00250
The Shadingfield Fox6019:30 - 00:00250
Hempnall Village Hall7519:30 - 00:00240
Gressenhall Social Club15019:00 - 23:00240
Lowestoft Town Football Club13519:30 - 23:30240
Ivy House Country Hotel15019:00 - 00:00237
The Reading Room8019:30 - 23:30235
Northrepps Village Hall10019:00 - 00:00232
Elm Farm Country House20019:30 - 00:00232
Spixworth Hall (Barn - Cottages)13018:30 - 00:00231
Holiday Inn Norwich8019:00 - 00:00231
Elms Barn8019:30 - 00:00230
Connaught Hall10013:00 - 20:00230
The Corton Inn10019:00 - 00:00230
Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel10019:30 - 00:00225
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich12019:30 - 00:00225
Filby Bridge Restaurant4018:30 - 22:30225
St Faiths Centre6519:30 - 23:45220
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)20019:00 - 00:00220
Ringsfield Village Hall4018:30 - 21:30220
Beccles Conservative Club10019:00 - 00:00220
Hunters Hall12019:00 - 23:30220
Burgh Hall3015:30 - 23:30210
Lowestoft Masonic Hall7519:30 - 00:00210
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)6520:00 - 23:30210
The Trowel & Hammer3019:30 - 23:00210
Number 4712019:00 - 00:00205
The Coldham Hall Tavern10019:00 - 00:00200
Lowestoft Masonic Hall12019:00 - 00:00200
Hatfield Hotel10019:30 - 00:00200
Swanton Morley Village Hall6019:30 - 00:00200
The Red Lion8018:00 - 23:00200
Tasburgh Village Hall10018:30 - 23:30200
Oaklands Hotel8019:30 - 23:00200
The Poachers Pocket15019:30 - 00:00200
Lowestoft Railway Bowls & Social Club4018:00 - 23:00200
The Georgian Townhouse7019:00 - 22:00200
Roundwood Function & Conference Centre7519:00 - 00:00200
Oaklands Hotel6019:30 - 00:00200
Hempton Memorial Hall5015:00 - 18:00200
Costessey Park Golf Club9019:00 - 00:00200
Tasburgh Village Hall15019:00 - 00:00200
The George & Dragon10020:00 - 00:00200
Wymondham & District Ex Services Social Club13016:00 - 00:00200
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club8019:30 - 00:00200
St Andrews Social Club7019:00 - 23:30200
Not specified7519:00 - 23:00200
St Faith Centre Social Club13020:00 - 00:00200
Wensum Community Centre7019:30 - 23:30200
Oaklands Hotel12019:30 - 00:00200
Sprowston Manor Hotel7519:30 - 00:00200
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club5019:30 - 23:30200
Sherborne House Hotel4519:30 - 23:30200
Voewood7019:00 - 00:00200
Caxton Club4019:30 - 00:00200
Burgh Hall8019:30 - 00:00200
North Creake (Lloyd Memorial) Village Hall11018:30 - 23:30200
Northrepps Village Hall6017:00 - 00:00200
Fakenham Conservative Club5019:00 - 23:00200
Sprowston Manor Hotel6519:30 - 00:00200
Waveney River Centre5018:00 - 23:00200
Wherry Hotel3019:30 - 00:00200
Oaklands Hotel6018:00 - 00:00200
Canary Social Club5019:30 - 00:00200
Dragon Hall6520:00 - 23:30200
Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel5019:30 - 23:30200
Fakenham Conservative Club5018:00 - 22:00200
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club3519:30 - 23:30200
Burgh Hall2518:00 - 23:00200
Elm Farm Country House20019:00 - 00:00200
Not specified15019:30 - 23:30200
Maids Head Hotel10019:30 - 00:00200
Wood Farm Barn25019:00 - 00:00200
Oaklands Hotel8019:30 - 00:00200
Oaklands Hotel5019:00 - 00:00200
The George & Dragon7019:30 - 23:30200
The Crown6519:00 - 00:00200
Sutton Staithe Hotel12019:00 - 00:00200
Bawburgh Golf Club (Glen Lodge)15019:00 - 00:00200
Attleborough Town Hall12018:00 - 00:00200
Oaklands Hotel7019:30 - 00:00200
The Crown3018:00 - 21:30200
Doddington Pavilion8019:30 - 00:00200
The Georgian Townhouse5019:00 - 00:00200
Melbourne House TAKE NO MORE7019:30 - 00:30200
Bodham Village Hall13018:00 - 00:00200
Northrepps Village Hall8019:30 - 00:00200
Anglian Windows Social Club10016:30 - 00:00200
Blue Boar Inn3016:00 - 22:30200
Private Function


Evening only - typically 5 hours maximum | DJ and disco without extras

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Show prices for 720 recent parties in this area

VenueGuestsEventBudget £
Catton Grove Community Centre60Birthday 30th70
Kevill Arms60Birthday 50th60
Garnier Hall & Social Club100Birthday 50th510
The Duke100New Years Eve500
Royal Cromer Golf Club80New Years Eve500
Lowestoft Railway Bowls & Social Club100New Years Eve500
The Swan150SEE DETAILS for more info500
The Centurion100Birthday 40th500
The Rushcutters Arms70New Years Eve500
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)100Birthday - Adult Other500
The Roman Camp Inn80New Years Eve450
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club80Birthday 60th450
The Green Gate120New Years Eve450
Delaneys Irish Bar120Corporate Event400
Ilketshall St Andrew Village Hall60Birthday 40th400
Wymondham Dell Bowls Club100Anniversary400
The Unthank Arms50Not specified400
Catton Grove Community Centre100Charity Event / Fundraiser400
Attleborough Town Hall100Anniversary400
Acle War Memorial Recreation Centre150New Years Eve400
Sprowston Manor Hotel80Charity Event / Fundraiser400
Marsham Arms Inn75Birthday 50th400
South Green Park110Birthday 40th400
Hemsby Village Hall130Engagement400
Gorleston Social Club100Birthday 30th400
The Assembly House60Corporate Event400
The George Hotel at Cley75New Years Eve400
Florida Club250Charity Event / Fundraiser400
Darbys Freehouse500Hotel or Pub General Entertain400
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club50New Years Eve380
Wymondham Town Football & Social Club65Birthday - Adult Other370
Not specified50Birthday 50th360
Lowestoft Masonic Hall100Charity Event / Fundraiser350
The Georgian Townhouse100Birthday 40th350
Private marquee120Birthday 40th350
The George & Dragon50Birthday 40th350
Potters Leisure Resort (Zest Rooms)150Not specified350
Old Buckenham Village Hall100New Years Eve350
The Crown45Birthday 40th350
Hethersett Village Hall60Birthday 50th350
Lingwood Village Hall120Birthday 30th350
West Earlham Community Centre80New Years Eve350
Parkhill Hotel150 Corporate Event350
Lowestoft Masonic Hall75Just a party350
The Buck Inn40Corporate Event350
Bungay Sports Pavillion150Birthday 30th350
Uplands Community Centre200Not specified350
The Green Man Inn50New Years Eve350
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)100Engagement330
Acle Social Club60Birthday 60th320
Brundall Memorial Hall100New Years Eve320
Hemsby Village Hall200Charity Event / Fundraiser300
Bob Carter Leisure Centre70Birthday 30th300
Skeyton Goat100Birthday 40th300
Hemsby Village Hall100Birthday 50th300
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)150Dinner Dance300
Northrepps Village Hall150Birthday 50th300
Blundeston Village Hall60Birthday 40th300
The Cock Inn50Christmas Party300
The Shoulder of Mutton60New Years Eve300
Park Farm Hotel80Birthday 40th300
South Walsham Village Hall100Birthday 40th300
Spixworth Village Hall115Birthday 40th300
Newton Flotman Village Centre89Charity Event / Fundraiser300
Wacton Village Hall80New Years Eve300
Swanton Novers Village Hall150New Years Eve300
The Marsh Harrier100Anniversary300
The New Forge60Birthday 70th300
The Red Lion50Birthday 60th300
The Unthank Arms80Birthday 50th300
Dunston Hall (De Vere)70Masonic or similar300
Salhouse Lodge80Christmas Party300
Aldiss Park100Birthday 60th300
The George Hotel at Cley30New Years Eve300
Private Residence120House Party300
Banham Community Centre300Birthday 50th300
Wensum Valley Hotel75Dinner Dance300
Sculthorpe Village Hall100Birthday 40th300
Great Snoring Social Club40Birthday 40th300
The Dog House60Birthday 40th300
Merlins 147 Sports & Social Club90Birthday 30th300
Carlton Colville Community Centre30Anniversary300
The Wine Cellar50Birthday 40th300
Norfolk Polo Club170Corporate Event300
Harford Community Centre100Birthday 30th300
The Octagon Barn200Charity Event / Fundraiser300
Uplands Community Centre45Birthday 30th300
Sprowston Manor Hotel120Birthday 40th300
Attleborough Town Hall100Birthday 60th300
Stalham Sports Centre40Christmas Party300
Hellesdon Community Centre100Birthday - Adult Other300
The Huntsman100Birthday 50th300
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich65Birthday 50th300
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing150Works Party300
Swanton Morley Village Hall80Birthday 40th300
The Pub On The Shrubs75Birthday 30th300
Beccles Conservative Club70Birthday 70th300
The Fishermans Return100Hotel or Pub General Entertain300
Park Farm Hotel40Anniversary300
Dunston Hall (De Vere)80Birthday 50th300
Hotel Victoria100Birthday 40th300
St Andrews Brew House70Corporate Event290
Drayton Old Lodge75Civil Partnership282
Parkhill Hotel150Corporate Event282
Potters Leisure Resort (Zest Rooms)135Anniversary280
Spencers200Birthday 30th280
The Sole & Heel75Birthday 40th280
Dunston Hall (De Vere)70Charity Event / Fundraiser275
St Faiths Centre130Works Party275
Not specified50Birthday 50th275
Lowestoft Telecom Sports & Social Club60Anniversary275
Marlpit Community Centre60Birthday - Adult Other271
Newton Flotman Village Centre50Birthday 40th270
Not specified50Birthday - Adult Other270
East Harling Sports & Social Club105Birthday 40th260
Not specified50Just a party260
Cobholm Community Centre90Engagement260
Gunthorpe Hall40## HIRE ONLY ##250
The Olive Tree60Hotel or Pub General Entertain250
White Dove Barns70Christmas Party250
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)60Birthday 30th250
Horsford Village Hall60Birthday 40th250
The Longe Arms100New Years Eve250
The Albion80Birthday - Adult Other250
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club50Birthday 40th250
Namco Funscape100Birthday 40th250
Bedfords Bar (The Crypt)40Christmas Party250
Not specified75Birthday 40th250
Sutton Staithe Hotel100Birthday 50th250
Dereham Town Football Club100Birthday 60th250
The Georgian Townhouse150New Years Eve250
The Corton Hut Inn150Birthday 50th250
The Dukes Head75Hotel or Pub General Entertain250
Not specified100Just a party250
Binham Memorial Hall100Birthday 50th250
The Assembly House80Dinner Dance250
St Andrews Brew House60Birthday 30th250
The Unthank Arms60Birthday 50th250
St Andrews Social Club50Birthday 30th250
Hellesdon Community Centre25Birthday 30th250
The Albion65Birthday 30th250
Comfort Hotel Great Yarmouth75Anniversary250
Sprowston Sports & Social Club50Anniversary250
Not specified75Birthday 40th250
Norfolk County Council (NCC) Social Club65Birthday 30th250
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)120Birthday 30th250
The Green Man Inn35Christmas Party250
The Cottage75Birthday 50th250
Fakenham Racecourse100Birthday 30th250
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich35Birthday 60th250
Caister Community Centre30Birthday 30th250
Roundwood Function & Conference Centre100Birthday 30th250
Weston Longville Village Hall (Hall For All)50Birthday 70th250
Dunston Hall (De Vere)100Birthday 70th250
Park Farm Hotel45Anniversary250
The Brickmakers150Just a party250
Freethorpe Village Hall and Community Pavilion100Not specified250
Mulbarton Village Hall50Birthday 30th250
Old Rectory Hotel50Birthday 30th250
The Green Gate120Christmas Party250
Namco Funscape70Birthday 70th250
Sheringham Masonic Centre100SEE DETAILS for more info250
Norwich Gas Social Club80Birthday 70th250
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)150Charity Event / Fundraiser250
Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel100Birthday 30th250
Wymondham Town Football & Social Club40Birthday 30th250
East Tuddenham Hall & Social Club200Birthday 30th250
Not specified100Corporate Event250
Tivetshall Village Hall100Birthday 40th250
The Garden House50Christmas Party250
Blundeston Village Hall55Birthday - Adult Other250
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)100Birthday 30th250
The Birdcage55Birthday - Adult Other250
The Keeper and the Dell80## HIRE ONLY ##250
The Sole & Heel90Birthday 30th250
Old Buckenham Village Hall120Birthday 50th250
The White Horse (@Overstrand)40Birthday 30th250
Not specified120Just a party250
Not specified70Funeral Wake250
Old Buckenham Village Hall80Birthday 60th250
Park Farm Hotel200Birthday 30th250
Hardingham Cricket Club60Engagement250
Not specified100Birthday 40th250
Swanton Morley Village Hall100Birthday 40th250
Parkhill Hotel65Birthday 30th250
The Bar & Canteen (ex Bridges)60Works Party250
Stalham Sports Centre40Christmas Party250
Royal British Legion Blakeney150Birthday - Adult Other250
Norwich Rugby Club80Works Party250
Lingwood Village Hall200Sports / Social Club250
Not specified100Birthday 70th250
Blundeston Village Hall50Not specified250
Not specified75Just a party250
Bob Carter Leisure Centre100Birthday 50th250
The Fat Cat50Birthday 30th250
Attleborough Town Hall90Anniversary250
St Andrews Social Club100Birthday 40th250
The Unthank Arms110Birthday 60th250
Lessingham Village Hall120Anniversary250
Halvergate Village Hall25Birthday - Adult Other250
Freethorpe Village Hall and Community Pavilion70Birthday - Adult Other250
Ketts Park120Christmas Party240
Buxton Village Hall80Birthday 30th240
Elm Farm Country House100Anniversary240
Hethersett Social Club105Birthday - Adult Other240
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)75Birthday 50th240
Mattishall Sports & Social Club - Memorial Hall - Football75Birthday 50th240
The York Tavern80Birthday 50th238
The Quay Pride (ex Quayside Tavern)100Hotel or Pub General Entertain238
Ipswich Road United Reformed Church100Birthday - Adult Other238
The Norfolk Club50Birthday 70th235
Norfolk Gliding Club150Charity Event / Fundraiser235
The Atrium150Birthday 60th234
The Grange Hotel75Engagement234
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing100Birthday 30th234
The White Horse Lodge60Birthday 40th234
The Assembly House120Corporate Event234
Attleborough Snooker Centre50Engagement232
Caister Community Centre60Birthday 30th231
The Windmill250Birthday 50th231
Lowestoft Masonic Hall150Anniversary231
Attleborough Town Hall40Birthday 40th230
Not specified 15Engagement230
Newton Flotman Village Centre80Anniversary230
The White Horse (@Overstrand)40Birthday 30th230
Caister Community Centre100Birthday 40th230
Seething Village Hall70Birthday 40th230
Tasburgh Village Hall75Anniversary230
Attleborough Snooker Centre120Just a party230
Wymondham & District Ex Services Social Club50Engagement230
The Cottage70Birthday 30th230
Weston Longville Village Hall (Hall For All)100Birthday 50th230
Cobholm Community Centre75Engagement230
The Kingfisher Bar105Birthday 70th230
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)100Birthday 60th230
New Frost Hall (Foulsham Village Hall)75Birthday 60th230
Sherborne House Hotel100Birthday 40th230
Stadia (ex Pitcher & Piano)(ex Cafe Maximo)50Birthday 50th229
Sculthorpe Village Hall100Engagement229
The Kings Head35Works Party229
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)35Birthday 70th229
The Fat Cat80Birthday 60th229
Lowestoft Masonic Hall75Birthday 30th229
The Gallon Pot30Birthday - Adult Other227
Lowestoft Ex-Servicemens Club50Anniversary227
The York Tavern60Birthday 30th226
The Hog In Armour30Birthday 60th225
Kings Head Holt100Not specified225
St Giles Lodge #4569140Just a party225
Bedfords Bar (The Crypt)35Just a party225
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club60Birthday 70th225
Yaxham Village Hall75Birthday 30th225
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich80Birthday 30th225
The Mash Tun & Gin Palace60Birthday 30th225
Lakenham Hewett Rugby Club180Sports / Social Club225
Private Residence30House Party225
Connaught Hall60Birthday 60th225
The Avenue50Birthday 30th225
Ludham Village Hall50Just a party225
Bergh Apton Village Hall75Anniversary225
The Avenue150Engagement225
The Lifeboat (ex Tinkers Inn)60Birthday 60th224
Aldborough Community Centre50Birthday 40th224
West Costessey Community Centre150Charity Event / Fundraiser224
Catfield Village Hall65Birthday 50th220
Blakeney Harbour Room120Anniversary220
Oaklands Hotel80Birthday 40th220
Lowestoft Town Football Club70Birthday 40th220
Hethersett Social Club180Birthday 40th220
Toftwood Village Hall165Birthday 50th220
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)20Christmas Party220
Blakeney Harbour Room60Birthday 40th220
Waveney River Centre150Anniversary219
Beccles Rugby Club100Sports / Social Club219
Lingwood Village Hall75Birthday 40th210
Gorleston Social Club100Birthday 40th210
Wood Norton Village Hall45Anniversary210
Banham Zoo50Anniversary210
Saxlingham Nethergate Village Hall70Birthday 70th205
The Garden House30Birthday 60th205
Earsham Village Hall75Birthday 30th205
Tyneside Club150Birthday 40th200
The Griffin50Birthday 30th200
Cringleford Pavilion50Funeral Wake200
Ringsfield Village Hall100Engagement200
Not specified1000Hotel or Pub General Entertain200
The Griffin80Birthday 50th200
Swanton Morley Village Hall100SEE DETAILS for more info200
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)80Anniversary200
Horsford Village Hall50Christmas Party200
Sea Breeze Club50SEE DETAILS for more info200
Bob Carter Leisure Centre70Birthday 40th200
Sprowston Diamond Centre50Birthday 70th200
Bungay & Waveney Valley Golf Club50Birthday 50th200
Belvedere Centre50Charity Event / Fundraiser200
Sprowston Sports & Social Club100Birthday - Adult Other200
OPEN200Christmas Party200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)100Birthday 30th200
Pakefield high School355Christmas Party200
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)50Birthday 60th200
Spixworth Village Hall90Birthday 30th200
Bawburgh Village Hall70Anniversary200
The Kings Head75Birthday 40th200
Oaklands Hotel70Sports / Social Club200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)80Birthday 30th200
Elm Farm Country House60Birthday 60th200
Greenfield Community Centre65SEE DETAILS for more info200
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club50Birthday 60th200
Spixworth Village Hall100Birthday 50th200
The Pub On The Shrubs110Birthday 40th200
UEA Students Union Sports Hall150Sports / Social Club200
Fakenham Community Centre100Birthday - Adult Other200
Attleborough Town Hall50Anniversary200
St Andrews Brew House100Birthday 30th200
Wensum Lodge Hotel100Birthday 60th200
Lowestoft Railway Bowls & Social Club200Birthday 60th200
Bawburgh Village Hall140Birthday 40th200
Great Witchingham Village Hall100Birthday 40th200
Stadia50Birthday 40th200
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich75Birthday 70th200
Wensum Valley Hotel Golf & Country Club70Charity Event / Fundraiser200
Holiday Inn Norwich - North100Corporate Event200
Wymondham & District Ex Services Social Club100Charity Event / Fundraiser200
Banham Community Centre50Birthday 50th200
Wensum Lodge Hotel105Corporate Event200
Wymondham Town Football & Social Club75Birthday 40th200
The Dog House60Birthday 30th200
Banham Zoo80Not specified200
The Oasis60Birthday 40th200
Breckland Hall75Birthday 40th200
Royal British Legion Norwich80Birthday 40th200
Mulbarton Village Hall160Birthday 50th200
The Mash Tun & Gin Palace40Birthday 30th200
The Poachers Pocket50Birthday 50th200
Spixworth Village Hall100Birthday 30th200
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich70Anniversary200
Costessey Park Golf Club60Birthday 50th200
Lowestoft Railway Bowls & Social Club150Leaving / Farewell Party200
Lowestoft Town Football Club75Anniversary200
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)100Birthday 60th200
Harford Community Centre115Birthday 40th200
The Kings Head45Corporate Event200
Swanton Morley Village Hall75Birthday 30th200
Waterside Park (Waterside Bar)90New Years Eve200
Dereham Conservative Club50Charity Event / Fundraiser200
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing90Birthday 30th200
Salhouse Jubilee Village Hall50SEE DETAILS for more info200
Cringleford Pavilion60Halloween Party200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)50Birthday - Adult Other200
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich34Christening / Baptism / Naming200
Wenn Evans Centre80Birthday 60th200
North Walsham Town Hall100Birthday 50th200
Horstead Tithe Barn100Birthday 60th200
Freethorpe Village Hall and Community Pavilion150Birthday 50th200
St Andrews Social Club40Birthday - Adult Other200
The Crypt50Birthday 40th200
The Bar & Canteen (ex Bridges)60Birthday 30th200
Wymondham Rugby Club300Charity Event / Fundraiser200
Coltishall Village Hall50Birthday 60th200
Fleggburgh Village Hall50SEE DETAILS for more info200
The Moles Rest50Not specified200
Not specified25Sports / Social Club200
Attleborough Snooker Centre150Anniversary200
Hethersett Social Club90Birthday 40th200
Star Hotel75Birthday 50th200
Wroxham Football Club Social Club70Birthday 60th200
The Crypt80Birthday 30th200
Hingham Playing Field Association150Birthday 40th200
Not specified75Birthday 30th200
Uplands Community Centre100Anniversary200
Park Farm Hotel70Dinner Dance200
Hethersett Social Club95Anniversary200
Kirkley & Pakefield Football Club150Anniversary200
County Arts Club65Anniversary200
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)25Christmas Party200
St Andrews Social Club40Birthday - Adult Other200
Waterside Park (Waterside Bar)150Birthday - Adult Other200
Brook Hotel50Anniversary200
Upper Sheringham Village Hall30Birthday 60th200
Brick Kilns75New Years Eve200
Mercure Norwich Hotel (was Ramada)100Birthday 30th200
Longham Village Hall90Birthday 40th200
Anglian Windows Social Club90Birthday 40th200
Peter Waller Bowling & Activity Centre75Just a party200
Not specified75Birthday 30th200
Imperial Hotel70Birthday 60th200
Brooke Parish Hall50Birthday 50th200
Mattishall Sports & Social Club - Memorial Hall - Football100Christening / Baptism / Naming200
Gorleston Social Club100Birthday 50th200
The Flying Dutchman75Leaving / Farewell Party200
Norwich City Football Club (Top of the Terrace)100Birthday 30th200
The Victoria Inn50Birthday 70th200
The Rumbold Arms60Engagement200
Harford Community Centre100Birthday 50th200
Queen Elizabeth Hall70Christening / Baptism / Naming200
Costessey Park Golf Club60Birthday 50th200
The Albion50Birthday 60th200
Ilketshall Village Hall50Birthday 70th200
Private residence60Dinner Dance200
Elm Farm Country House35Birthday 30th200
The Farmhouse60Birthday 60th200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)70Birthday 40th200
Swanton Novers Village Hall120Birthday 50th200
The Unthank Arms30SEE DETAILS for more info200
The William IV Inn40Engagement200
Litchfield Arms100Birthday 30th200
Not specified100Birthday 30th200
The Hog In Armour90Christmas Party200
The Otter150Hotel or Pub General Entertain200
Namco Funscape80SEE DETAILS for more info200
Merlins 147 Sports & Social Club40Birthday 50th200
West Earlham Community Centre120Birthday 50th200
Eaton Golf Club75Birthday 40th200
St Faiths Centre80Birthday 30th200
Lowestoft And Yarmouth Rugby Club130Birthday 40th200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)75Halloween Party195
Honing and Crostwright Village Hall50Birthday 40th195
Wymondham Town Football & Social Club70Halloween Party195
Works premises 40Leaving / Farewell Party190
Ketts Park45Birthday 40th190
Melbourne House40Birthday 50th190
Caxton Club90Engagement190
Attleborough Town Hall100Birthday 50th190
The Albion80Birthday 30th180
Beccles Conservative Club30SEE DETAILS for more info180
Norwich Gas Social Club95Leaving / Farewell Party180
Olives50Birthday 50th180
Lowestoft Town Football Club70Birthday 30th180
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)100Birthday 50th180
The Poachers Pocket70Birthday 40th180
The Wheel Of Fortune65Birthday 70th180
Sprowston Sports & Social Club50Birthday 50th180
The Freedman40Birthday 30th180
The Lord Nelson50Birthday 30th180
Easton Village Hall60Birthday 50th180
The Wheel Of Fortune75Sports / Social Club180
Swanton Morley Village Hall250Charity Event / Fundraiser180
The White Horse (@Overstrand)50Birthday 30th180
The Cottage40Birthday 70th180
Rossis Leisure115Sports / Social Club180
Claxton Village Hall65Anniversary180
The Assembly House90Birthday 50th180
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)30Corporate Event180
Southrepps Village Hall80Birthday 70th180
Sutton Staithe Hotel80Christmas Party180
Hopton Village Hall80Birthday 50th180
Goals Soccer Centre Norwich30Anniversary175
West Earlham Community Centre60Birthday 30th175
Gillingham Village Hall75Engagement175
Swanton Morley Village Hall100Birthday 40th175
West Costessey Community Centre50Birthday 50th175
The Bell Inn40Engagement175
Swanton Morley Village Hall250Charity Event / Fundraiser175
Wenn Evans Centre50Just a party175
The Plough Inn40Birthday 50th175
Earsham Village Hall70Birthday 50th175
Bedfords Bar (The Crypt)70Birthday 40th175
The Ole Frank40Birthday 40th175
Waterside Park (Waterside Bar)75Birthday 30th175
The Gamekeeper70SEE DETAILS for more info175
Hethersett Social Club75Birthday 60th175
The Fox and Hounds (Social Club)60Birthday 60th175
Bob Carter Leisure Centre50Birthday 40th175
Dunston Hall (De Vere)120Birthday 40th175
St Andrews Social Club100Birthday - Adult Other175
Norwich Gas Social Club100Anniversary175
The Kings Head50Birthday 60th175
Not specified60Just a party175
The Talk100Birthday 30th175
Not specified50Christening / Baptism / Naming175
The Rumbold Arms85Engagement170
The Murderers60Birthday 30th170
Waterside Park (Waterside Bar)70Birthday 70th170
The Fishermans Return25Christmas Party170
Connaught Hall150Charity Event / Fundraiser170
Wensum Community Centre100Anniversary170
Livingstones70Birthday - Adult 60th170
Cromer Sports Centre100Charity Event / Fundraiser170
Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club100Birthday 50th170
The Compleat Angler35Birthday 40th170
Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club50Birthday 30th170
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)50Birthday 30th160
Felthorpe Pavilion100Birthday 60th160
Norwich Gas Social Club120Birthday 60th160
Claxton & Carleton St Peter Village Hall & Social Club75Birthday 30th160
South Walsham Village Hall90Birthday 40th160
Mississippi Paddle Boat40Birthday 40th160
Bob Carter Leisure Centre70Birthday 30th160
The Poachers Pocket55Birthday 50th160
The Oak Tree50Birthday 80th160
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)50Birthday 50th160
Football Development Centre (FDC)80Birthday 30th160
Halvergate Sports Pavilion70Birthday 50th160
The Centurion50Engagement155
Peggotty Road Community Centre50Birthday 40th150
Bradfield Cricket Club100Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Surlingham Village Hall60Birthday 60th150
Spixworth Village Hall90Birthday 80th150
The Rumbold Arms50Birthday 40th150
Florida Club100Not specified150
The Avenue40Birthday 60th150
Lowestoft Telecom Sports & Social Club75Just a party150
Gorleston Conservative Club75Birthday 30th150
Lichfield Community Centre30Just a party150
Norwich Gas Social Club60Birthday 70th150
Dereham Conservative Club30Christmas Party150
The Corton Hut150Birthday 50th150
The White Hart50Birthday 30th150
The Pub On The Shrubs100Birthday 50th150
The Black Swan50Birthday 60th150
Oulton Community Centre100Birthday 30th150
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)100Anniversary150
The Kings Head40SEE DETAILS for more info150
Ringsfield Village Hall50Birthday 40th150
Kings Head Hotel70Birthday - Adult Other150
Sheringham Golf Club50Christmas Party150
Hethersett Social Club50Funeral Wake150
Spooner Row Suton & Wattlefield Village Hall100## HIRE ONLY ##150
Cadge Road Community Centre20Birthday - Adult Other150
Hoveton Hall Events50Birthday 70th150
Northrepps Village Hall80Birthday 50th150
Royal Cromer Golf Club60Birthday 40th150
The Red Herring30Birthday 60th150
Scarning Village Hall100Halloween Party150
Belvedere Centre70Christmas Party150
The Swan Inn55Birthday 60th150
Fakenham Superbowl30Religious Celebration150
Lowestoft Ex-Servicemens Club60Birthday 40th150
Wymondham & District Ex Services Social Club60Christmas Party150
Sprowston Diamond Centre70Just a party150
Bawburgh Village Hall50Birthday 40th150
The Dunstable Arms45Birthday 60th150
Namco Funscape70Birthday 30th150
The Pub On The Shrubs50Anniversary150
Smallburgh Village Hall60Halloween Party150
The Freedman50Birthday 60th150
The Ole Frank75Birthday 70th150
Cromer Sports Centre30Halloween Party150
Not specified100Halloween Party150
Roundwood Indoor Bowls Centre140Birthday - Adult Other150
The William IV Inn75Birthday 30th150
St Andrews Brew House35Works Party150
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)75Birthday 40th150
Dereham Town Football Club150Birthday 60th150
The George & Dragon130Birthday 50th150
Buxton Village Hall50Birthday 80th150
The Worlds End65Birthday 30th150
The Lord Nelson45Birthday 50th150
The Rumbold Arms70Birthday 40th150
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club70Birthday 40th150
Caxton Club100Just a party150
Northgate Hospital Social Club50Christening / Baptism / Naming150
The Lake Lothing & Lakeside Restaurant80Birthday 50th150
Caxton Club100Just a party150
Ditchingham Village Hall75Just a party150
Broads Tours Boat75Birthday 70th150
New Buckenham Village Hall50Birthday 40th150
Caxton Club60Birthday 40th150
Fakenham Community Centre70Birthday - Adult Other150
Spixworth Village Hall & Social Club100Birthday 80th150
Easton Village Hall50Birthday 50th150
Norwich Gas Social Club100Anniversary150
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)50Birthday 70th150
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)65Birthday - Adult Other150
Breckland Hall60Birthday 30th150
The Pub On The Shrubs75Birthday 30th150
The Corton Inn300Halloween Party150
The Gibraltar Gardens60Birthday 30th150
Not specified75Birthday 30th150
Bear & Bells50Birthday 50th150
Rossis Leisure70Birthday 50th150
The Hog In Armour70Birthday 30th150
St Faith Centre Social Club80Anniversary150
The Pub On The Shrubs50Anniversary150
Hemsby Village Hall50Birthday 30th150
Holt Rugby Club70Sports / Social Club150
Breckland Hall75Birthday 30th150
The Corton Hut Inn300Halloween Party150
The Windmill80Halloween Party150
The Huntsman40Birthday 30th150
Surrey Tavern40Birthday - Adult Other150
George Hotel & Lottie;s Restaurant20Birthday 80th150
Martham Sports & Social Club75Birthday 40th150
Tasburgh Village Hall40Birthday 40th150
St Andrews Social Club100Birthday 50th150
Southrepps Village Hall100Birthday 50th150
Royal British Legion Bungay100Birthday 50th150
Lingwood Village Hall50Birthday - Adult Other150
Horsford Social Club100Halloween Party150
Northrepps Village Hall80Engagement150
Not specified80Corporate Event150
Lowestoft Railway Bowls & Social Club50Birthday 50th150
Lowestoft Town Football Club50Birthday 40th150
Banningham Village (Jubilee) Hall100Birthday 30th150
The Woodman60Birthday - Adult Other150
Hemsby Village Hall75Birthday 40th150
Kensington Hotel45Birthday 60th150
Hellesdon Community Centre75Engagement150
Attleborough Town Hall100Birthday 30th150
The Rumbold Arms50Birthday 30th150
Canary Social Club30Birthday 40th150
Wensum Community Centre75Birthday 50th150
Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall & Social Club95Birthday 50th150
The Fox and Hounds (Social Club)100Birthday 50th150
The Woodman30Christmas Party150
Clover Hill Village Hall80Halloween Party150
South Walsham Village Hall100## HIRE ONLY ##150
Martham Sports & Social Club30Anniversary150
Great Yarmouth Town Hall150Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)120Birthday 50th150
Caister Community Centre60Christening / Baptism / Naming150
The Sole & Heel120Christmas Party150
The Wheel Of Fortune50Sports / Social Club150
Wroxham Football Club Social Club100Birthday 40th150
St Andrews Social Club75Birthday 30th150
Woodton Village Hall100Birthday 30th150
The Assembly House160Charity Event / Fundraiser150
Not specified100Engagement140
The Kings Head20Just a party140
The Woolie70Birthday 40th140
Bob Carter Leisure Centre60 ishBirthday 30th140
East Ruston Village Hall150Birthday - Adult Other130
Norwich Rugby Club50Birthday 40th130
Blue Boar Inn100Birthday 40th130
The Flying Dutchman60Engagement130
Wymondham Town Football & Social Club90Charity Event / Fundraiser130
Attleborough Academy50Christmas Party130
Stower Grange Hotel30Birthday 50th130
Not specified50Birthday 40th130
Sprowston Sports & Social Club80Birthday 60th130
Hempnall Village Hall100Birthday 40th130
Happisburgh Village Hall50Birthday 60th130
Cromer Parish Hall200Charity Event / Fundraiser130
Bungay Community Centre80Birthday - Adult Other130
Football Development Centre (FDC)30Birthday - Adult Other130
Gorleston Social Club60Birthday 30th130
Not specified70Birthday 30th130
Namco Funscape30Birthday 40th130
Mundesley Church Rooms30Birthday 50th130
Merlins 147 Sports & Social Club200Birthday 30th130
Harford Community Centre75Birthday 30th130
Lingwood Village Hall145Christening / Baptism / Naming130
Skeyton Village Hall40Birthday 50th130
Fakenham Superbowl50Birthday 30th130
Horsford Village Hall50Birthday 50th130
Melton Constable Country Club70Birthday - Adult Other130
Canary Social Club50Birthday 30th130
Connaught Hall150Charity Event / Fundraiser130
Ketts Park150Anniversary130
Hemsby Sports & Social Club50Birthday 50th130
Cobholm Community Centre40Birthday 40th130
Little Melton Village Hall50Hotel or Pub General Entertain125
Salhouse Lodge100Charity Event / Fundraiser125
Ringsfield Village Hall80Halloween Party125
The Pub On The Shrubs50Birthday 30th125
Winelodge Hotel 100Birthday 50th120
The George Hotel at Cley30Christmas Party120
Binham Memorial Hall70Birthday 50th120
Banham Community Centre150Christening / Baptism / Naming120
West Earlham Community Centre50Anniversary120
Sprowston Sports & Social Club100Birthday 30th120
Hemsby Sports & Social Club40Birthday 40th110
Winelodge Hotel 50Charity Event / Fundraiser110
Pleasurewood Hills120Not specified1000
Lowestoft Telecom Sports & Social Club70Not specified100
Park Farm Hotel60Birthday 30th100
Karma Cafe50Not specified100
The Griffin17Birthday 60th100
Peggotty Road Community Centre50Anniversary100
Halvergate Sports Pavilion100Birthday 30th100
Bakers Dozen30Birthday 30th100
Rileys Sports Bar50Not specified100
Oaklands Hotel130Not specified100
Sprowston Manor Hotel65Charity Event / Fundraiser100
The Lake Lothing & Lakeside Restaurant25Birthday 30th100
Hempton Memorial Hall30SEE DETAILS for more info100
Attleborough Town Hall100Birthday 40th100
Northrepps Village Hall50Christening / Baptism / Naming100
Spixworth Village Hall50Birthday 30th100
The Kings Head70SEE DETAILS for more info100
The Ole Frank40Birthday 40th100
Field Dalling & Saxlingham Village Hall80Christening / Baptism / Naming100
Hemsby Social Club45SEE DETAILS for more info100
Brooke Parish Hall40## HIRE ONLY ##100
Hethersett Social Club96Birthday 30th100
Forncett Village Hall140SEE DETAILS for more info100
Crisp Malting Social Club30Birthday 60th100
The Maids Head Hotel80Birthday 50th100
Rackheath Village Hall40Halloween Party100
Sprowston Cricket Club50Birthday 30th100
The Freemasons Arms40Hotel or Pub General Entertain100
Somerleyton Village Hall20SEE DETAILS for more info100
Lion Inn at Thurne60Not specified
White Feather Hotel75-100Birthday - Adult Other
Bear & BellsAround 100Birthday - Adult Other
Dunston Hall75-100Anniversary
Caldecott Hall Hotel70Not specified
Comfort Hotel Great Yarmouth70Christening / Baptism / Naming
Pipers Lodge & Hotel35SEE DETAILS for more info
Assembly Rooms100-150Birthday 40th
Tyneside Club30SEE DETAILS for more info
Maltings Pavilion140SEE DETAILS for more info
Shoulder of Mutton60Birthday - Adult Other
Dukes Head70Not specified
Cawston Village HallAround 50Birthday 50th
Thorpe Social Club50-75Christening / Baptism / Naming
Bear & BellsAround 50Birthday 60th
Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall & Social ClubAround 100Birthday 50th
Short Blue 30Not specified
Buxton Village Hall75Birthday 50th
Town Hall75-100Anniversary
Town Hall75-100Birthday - Adult Other
The Ole Frank100Birthday 40th
Clarkes Snooker Hall 100Not specified
Sculthorpe Village Hall150Charity Event / Fundraiser
Northgate Hospital Social Club50Birthday 40th
Cadge Rd Community Hall75Birthday 40th
Sprowston Manor Hotel150Charity Event / Fundraiser
Old HallAround 100Christmas Party
Top of the Terrace300Sports / Social Club
Kids party


Daytime/Evening - typically 2-3 hours duration | DJ and disco without extras

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Show prices for 398 recent childrens' parties in this area

VenueEventBudget £
The Priory CentreBirthday (7-11 years)90
Mill Lane CentreBirthday (7-11 years)80
Tasburgh Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)80
Weybourne Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)80
Great Ellingham Recreation CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)80
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)80
Thorpe St Andrews Social ClubBirthday (7-11 years)80
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)80
West Costessey Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)80
Copeman Centre Birthday (6yrs or under)80
Hempton Memorial HallBirthday (7-11 years)60
Hemsby Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)500
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)500
Mill Lane CentreBirthday (12-15 years)50
The Kings HeadBirthday (6yrs or under)50
Connaught HallBirthday (6yrs or under)450
Briston Sports & Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)400
Felthorpe PavilionBirthday (16-21 years)400
Dunston Hall (De Vere)Birthday (16-21 years)400
St Faith Centre Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)40
The Kingfisher Bar (The Barn)Birthday (16-21 years)350
East Tuddenham Hall & Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)300
Rackheath Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)300
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (16-21 years)300
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)Birthday (16-21 years)300
Bawburgh Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
The Buck InnBirthday (16-21 years)300
Connaught HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Parkhill HotelBirthday (6yrs or under)300
Horsford Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)300
Toftwood Social ClubBirthday (12-15 years)300
Winelodge Hotel Birthday (16-21 years)290
The Rumbold ArmsBirthday (16-21 years)260
Great Witchingham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
St Benets Hall @ St NicholasBirthday (6yrs or under)250
Ringsfield Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)250
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)Birthday (16-21 years)250
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
Hopton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)250
Gunton Estate Community Meeting HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
North Walsham Rugby ClubBirthday (7-11 years)250
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
Lighthouse InnBirthday (16-21 years)250
Boston LodgeBirthday (6yrs or under)250
LivingstonesBirthday (16-21 years)250
Cobholm Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)250
Fakenham Rugby ClubBirthday (16-21 years)250
Kings CentreSchool Disco - Secondary250
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)250
The CenturionBirthday (16-21 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (6yrs or under)250
Not specifiedBirthday (12-15 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (12-15 years)250
Wendling Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)250
The HuntsmanBirthday (16-21 years)250
Namco FunscapeBirthday (16-21 years)250
Long Stratton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)250
Costessey CentreBirthday (16-21 years)250
Bungay Town Football Club (Maltings Pavilion)Birthday (16-21 years)250
The Poachers PocketBirthday (16-21 years)250
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (12-15 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)250
Hingham Sports And SocialBirthday (12-15 years)250
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)240
The Kings HeadBirthday (12-15 years)238
The Assembly HouseSchool Disco - Secondary236
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)234
Thorpe End Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)234
Roundwood Function & Conference CentreBirthday (16-21 years)231
Namco FunscapeBirthday (16-21 years)230
Earsham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)230
The Garden HouseBirthday (16-21 years)230
Hempton Memorial HallBirthday (12-15 years)230
Gorleston Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)229
Gunton Estate Community Meeting HallBirthday (16-21 years)227
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (12-15 years)225
Binham Memorial HallBirthday (12-15 years)220
West Earlham Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)220
Sprowston Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)210
Royal British Legion BecclesBirthday (12-15 years)210
Stibbard Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)205
St Pauls ChurchBirthday (12-15 years)200
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Hinks Meadow HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
White Horse InnBirthday (16-21 years)200
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)200
North Wymondham Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)200
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Reedham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Lingwood Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Gas ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Park Farm HotelBirthday (16-21 years)200
West Earlham Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)200
St Benets Hall @ St NicholasBirthday (7-11 years)200
Norwich Gas Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
The Assembly HouseSchool Disco - Secondary200
Bob Carter Leisure CentreBirthday (16-21 years)200
St Cuthberts Church HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Peggotty Road Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Bawburgh Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
Ringsfield Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Spixworth Village Hall & Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Oaklands HotelBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Park Farm HotelBirthday (16-21 years)200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)Birthday (6yrs or under)200
Harford Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)200
Sprowston Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Brook HotelBirthday (16-21 years)200
Norwich Gas Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Not specifiedBirthday (16-21 years)200
Attleborough Snooker CentreBirthday (16-21 years)200
The King Alfred & Alfies Function Room (ex-Pipers Club)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Sutton Staithe HotelBirthday (16-21 years)200
Blofield Village Hall (Margaret Harker)Birthday (12-15 years)200
The LighthouseBirthday (7-11 years)200
The Assembly HouseSchool Disco - Secondary200
Harford Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)200
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Thorpe St Andrews Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Merlins 147 Sports & Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Fulmodeston and Barney Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Thorpe Marriott Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
Ormesby St Margaret Village CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
Masonic Royal Assembly RoomsBirthday (16-21 years)200
Blakeney Harbour RoomsBirthday (16-21 years)200
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (16-21 years)200
Frettenham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)200
Beccles Rugby ClubBirthday (12-15 years)200
Cawston Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)200
St Andrews Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)200
Rileys Sports BarBirthday (16-21 years)200
Copeman CentreBirthday (7-11 years)200
Kessingland United WM ClubBirthday (7-11 years)200
Sprowston Cricket ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)200
Wreningham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)200
Bedfords Bar (The Crypt)Birthday (16-21 years)200
Great Yarmouth RacecourseBirthday (16-21 years)200
Sheringham Recreation GroundBirthday (16-21 years)200
Southrepps Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)190
Kessingland Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)190
Sprowston Diamond CentreBirthday (12-15 years)190
Sprowston Cricket ClubBirthday (16-21 years)190
Mill Lane CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)190
The Terrace CafeBirthday (16-21 years)190
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (16-21 years)185
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)180
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (16-21 years)180
Newton Flotman Village CentreBirthday (12-15 years)180
Uplands Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)180
Not specifiedBirthday (12-15 years)180
The White Horse (@Overstrand)Birthday (16-21 years)180
Costessey CentreBirthday (12-15 years)180
The Ole FrankBirthday (16-21 years)180
St Andrews Social ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)175
Rossis LeisureBirthday (16-21 years)175
West Earlham Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)175
Clover Hill Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)175
Cawston Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)175
The WindmillBirthday (16-21 years)175
Norwich Rugby ClubBirthday (16-21 years)175
South Walsham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)175
Rackheath Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)170
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (12-15 years)170
Thorpe Marriott Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)170
West Earlham Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)169
St Mary Magdalene Church HallBirthday (16-21 years)168
Royal British Legion BecclesBirthday (12-15 years)168
Beccles Rugby ClubBirthday (12-15 years)168
Attleborough Snooker CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)164
Attleborough Town HallBirthday (16-21 years)164
Cadge Road Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)164
Ludham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)162
Sheringham Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)162
Beccles Rugby ClubBirthday (12-15 years)162
Attleborough Snooker CentreBirthday (16-21 years)160
Scoulton Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)160
The Flying DutchmanBirthday (16-21 years)160
Toftwood Social ClubBirthday (12-15 years)160
Poringland Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)160
Northrepps Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)160
Upper Sheringham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)160
The Three HorseshoesBirthday (16-21 years)150
Saxlingham Village HallSchool Disco - Primary150
Binham Memorial HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Ketts ParkBirthday (16-21 years)150
Uplands Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)150
Acle Social ClubBirthday (12-15 years)150
Northrepps Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Frettenham Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
LivingstonesBirthday (16-21 years)150
Gressenhall Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Elm Farm Country HouseBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Oulton Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
The Lady Of The LakeBirthday (7-11 years)150
Not specifiedBirthday (6yrs or under)150
All Saints Church Horsford (Church Rooms)Birthday (12-15 years)150
Earsham HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
The Kevill ArmsBirthday (16-21 years)150
St Faith Centre Social ClubBirthday (7-11 years)150
Martham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Thorpe St Andrew Village Hall (Roxley Hall)Birthday (12-15 years)150
The Priory CentreBirthday (12-15 years)150
Caldecott Hall HotelBirthday (16-21 years)150
Colton Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Belvedere CentreBirthday (7-11 years)150
Long Stratton Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Earsham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Ormesby St Margaret Village CentreBirthday (12-15 years)150
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (16-21 years)150
Happisburgh Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Dereham Rugby ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)150
East Ruston Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Pipers ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Peggotty Road Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)150
Caistor Hall HotelBirthday (16-21 years)150
Loddon and Chedgrave Jubilee HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Rossis LeisureBirthday (16-21 years)150
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)150
Hellesdon Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Stalham Town HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
The AtriumSchool Disco - Secondary150
Swanton Morley Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Copeman CentreBirthday (7-11 years)150
Norwich Gas Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Bungay Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Earsham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Not specifiedBirthday (12-15 years)150
Chapel Break Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)150
Boston LodgeBirthday (12-15 years)150
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (6yrs or under)150
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Peggotty Road Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
The Lifeboat (ex Tinkers Inn)Birthday (16-21 years)150
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (16-21 years)150
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
The White Horse (@Overstrand)Birthday (12-15 years)150
Attleborough Town HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Thorpe End Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Whitton Residents Community HallSchool Disco - Primary150
Goals Soccer Centre NorwichBirthday (12-15 years)150
Thorpe End Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Attleborough Snooker CentreBirthday (12-15 years)150
The AlbionBirthday (16-21 years)150
Horsford Bowls ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Thorpe St Andrew Village Hall (Roxley Hall)Birthday (6yrs or under)150
Great Ellingham Recreation CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Lowestoft Telecom Sports & Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
The Willow CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Heathersett Jubilee Youth ClubBirthday (7-11 years)150
Connaught HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Kings HeadBirthday (16-21 years)150
Bungay Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Uplands Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)150
Attleborough Town HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Oulton Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Thorpe End Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)150
Sprowston Diamond CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)Birthday (16-21 years)150
Buxton Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)150
Cromer Sports CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Rookery Park Golf ClubBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Salhouse Jubilee Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)150
The Dunstable ArmsBirthday (16-21 years)150
Gorleston Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)150
Hempton Memorial HallBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Weston Longville Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
Sprowston Senior Citizen ClubBirthday (7-11 years)150
Kings Head HotelBirthday (16-21 years)150
Walsingham Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)150
St Pauls ChurchBirthday (6yrs or under)150
Bob Carter Leisure CentreBirthday (16-21 years)150
Toftwood Social ClubBirthday (7-11 years)140
Uplands Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)140
St Francis Church HallBirthday (16-21 years)140
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)140
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)140
Earsham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)140
Sprowston Senior Citizens ClubBirthday (7-11 years)135
Peggotty Road Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)130
Old Lakenham Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)130
North Walsham Community Centre (Jubilee Rooms)Birthday (6yrs or under)130
The Moles RestBirthday (16-21 years)130
Martham Sports & Social ClubBirthday (7-11 years)130
Attleborough Town HallBirthday (6yrs or under)130
Bob Carter Leisure CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)130
The Moles RestBirthday (16-21 years)130
Breckland HallBirthday (16-21 years)130
Bloodmoor Hill Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)125
Spooner Row Suton & Wattlefield Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)125
West Costessey Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)125
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (12-15 years)125
Aldborough Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)125
Pilling Park Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)125
Blundeston Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)125
Thorpe End Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)125
Harford Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)125
Somerleyton Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Bloaters BarBirthday (7-11 years)120
Thorpe St Andrews Social Club (Saints Events)Birthday (12-15 years)120
Oulton Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)120
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Bloodmoor Hill Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Cliff HotelBirthday (12-15 years)120
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (12-15 years)120
Hempton Memorial HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Swanton Novers Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Sprowston Diamond CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Nuffield Health Fitness & WellbeingBirthday (16-21 years)120
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (7-11 years)120
Thorpe St Andrews Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)120
Attleborough Snooker CentreBirthday (12-15 years)120
Yaxham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)120
Skeyton Village HallSchool Disco - Primary120
Jubilee Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Scarning Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Yaxham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)120
Caister Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)110
Wrentham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Horsford Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
North Creake (Lloyd Memorial) Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Clarkes Snooker ClubBirthday (16-21 years)100
Sprowston Diamond CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Filby Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Burgh HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Buxton Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Hemsby Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Broome Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Cobholm Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
South Walsham Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Cobholm Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)100
The Kings HeadBirthday (12-15 years)100
The Kings HeadBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Hellesdon Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)100
Fakenham Conservative ClubBirthday (16-21 years)100
Buxton Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
North Tuddenham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Felmingham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
St Benets Hall @ St NicholasBirthday (12-15 years)100
Oulton Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
Hempton Memorial HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Wenn Evans CentreBirthday (16-21 years)100
Rackheath Village HallSchool Disco - Primary100
Battle of Britain Memorial HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Uplands Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
Scarning Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Filby Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Dereham Town Football Club (Aldiss Park)Birthday (16-21 years)100
Eaton Park Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Fakenham Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
Northrepps Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Norwich Gas Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)100
Emmanuel Church HallSchool Disco - Primary100
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Sprowston Manor HotelSchool Disco - Secondary100
Hevingham Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Wymondham Central HallBirthday (7-11 years)100
Lichfield Community CentreBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Earsham Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
West Earlham Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)100
Boston LodgeBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (12-15 years)100
Ludham Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)100
Breckland HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Wroxham Football Club Social ClubBirthday (12-15 years)100
Norwich Gas Social ClubBirthday (16-21 years)100
Whitton Residents Community HallBirthday (6yrs or under)100
Fakenham SuperbowlBirthday (7-11 years)100
Sheringham Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)0
Carlton Colville Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)
Cadge Road Community CentreBirthday (7-11 years)
Toftwood Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)
Colkirk Village HallBirthday (6yrs or under)
The AldermanBirthday (16-21 years)
Northrepps Village HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Ditchingham Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)
Connaught HallBirthday (16-21 years)
Bob CarterBirthday (12-15 years)
Holt Community CentreBirthday (12-15 years)
Social Club AcleBirthday (16-21 years)
Scarning Village HallBirthday (12-15 years)
The AldermanBirthday (6yrs or under)
Town HallBirthday (12-15 years)
Dereham Town FCBirthday (16-21 years)
Dereham Town FCBirthday (16-21 years)
Earsham HallBirthday (7-11 years)
Bungay Community CentreBirthday (16-21 years)
Clover Hill Village HallBirthday (7-11 years)
Star HotelBirthday (16-21 years)

REMEMBER! - these figures are AVERAGES. You can hire low cost DJs who will charge less than this and you can hire professionals who will charge more. As with any service industry, you get what you pay for! Also bear in mind there are far more budget priced events taking place every week than premium priced events - this in turn will affect the overall average. is the UK's leading DJ matching website, where you can choose the level of DJ you require based on their experience, equipment provision, professionalism, and of course, price.

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You can expect a low-cost DJ in Norwich to attend your function with a basic sound rig, often just a couple of entry-level speakers to provide sound for the dancefloor, and a small selection of lighting effects working in "sound-to-light" mode - ie. flashing different colours in time to the beat. You can expect limited interaction with your Budget DJ prior to the party. Most will accept some music requests on the night but will be working with a fairly limited music collection.

Many Budget DJs are part-time operators working to supplement other income. As such they are usually a good choice for low-cost venues such as pubs and village halls, and events such as 18th birthday parties and engagements.

A mid-range DJ will likely have a choice of equipment which will be selected to best suit your function and venue, and might offer some level of control over the lighting to keep it synchronised and befitting of the music style playing. They will usually offer a consultation in advance and be skilled enough to "hold the function together" on the night, continually thinking and planning ahead to make the event go smoothly. You can expect smart dress, good levels of presentation and confident microphone skills.

Many mid-range DJs are full-time businesses who can devote time to forward planning for your party in Norwich, as well as offering a range of add-on services. Lots of mid-priced DJs will be members of trade organisations such as DJmark giving you confidence in their service. This means they will hold Public Liability Insurance, have regularly safety tests undertaken on their electrical equipment ("PAT"), and will issue contracts for bookings.

A premium DJ is most likely to work with you in advance to plan all aspects of the event, from equipment and lighting needs through to music preferences, announcements, key timings and the structure of the party. They will be willing to work with other entertainment providers and the venue management to avoid any unnecessary "surprises". They possess the experience and skills to ensure meticulous planning and preparation befitting of their fee, and will be smartly presented on the day to suit your function.

The perfect choice for an important event such as a wedding reception or corporate gathering, premium DJs will be able to confidently lead your celebration. Generally run as full-time businesses, Premium DJs operating in the Norwich area are most likely to offer an impeccable feedback record and have attained DJmark Platinum or Diamond level - demonstrating their commitment to customer service.

Party Venues in Norwich

The data making up these averages is extracted from many thousands of mobile disco enquiries received and processed via They are intended as a guideline to help event planners understand the "going rate" for mobile disco and DJ hire in the Norwich area. The figures shown above are AVERAGES and visitors should bear in mind that these are derived from a huge variation in requirements. Comparing DJ pricing is not like comparing the price of a tin of baked beans at different supermarkets. Each DJ operator offers something different and unique to the next, catering for a wide range of demands, hence you will find basic DJs priced lower than our published averages and premium DJs priced higher.

Request quotes from and we'll show you a range of options from DJs and Mobile Discos covering the Norwich area.

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